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One of my biggest pet peeves in the world is when people point out the negatives of their product right at the get go. An example would be when you are at church and the person who is supposed to speak says, "I didn't start this until last night."

Another variant on this pet peeve is when people announce what they are supposed to talk about in the first sentence. "Today I was asked to talk on Faith."

Okay... raise your hand if you forgot lesson #1 of writing an essay.

Lesson #1: Never state your topic out right.

When you do this you lose your audience. They don't need to listen to you because they already 'know' what your going to say.

Likewise, they will shut down if they 'know' you have nothing of value (hey, you just said you didn't start the project till the night before).

With this in mind I am going to throw aside all 8th grade English Lessons and inform you, I have absolutely no idea what to blog about today.

I could tell you that Albowin lost his third tooth.... literally lost it, and wrote a very cute note to the tooth fairy begging her to please give him money even though he lost his tooth again.

I could tell you about how with 1/8 of an inch of snow outside the same boy wore snow pants and snow boots to school today.

I could tell you about how I dreamt that Vicbowin tried to drive me into a river because I wouldn't let her see a boy.

Or I could tell you that I type roughly 53 words per minute.

All these were ideas that crossed my mind this morning, but none of them had staying power.

I think I'm entering a blogging rut.

I need some fresh ideas guys. I need some input. And I need a monthly theme!

So, what are your favorite things I blog about? What would you like to see more of? What would you like to see less of?

What is your favorite holiday and why? ;)


Claire Wessel said…
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Claire Wessel said…
Favorite things that you blog about:
1. Your life before Vermillion. I feel like I'm getting to know you :) (I suppose I should just hang out with you more to accomplish that but since I'm pretty lame in that department, I do enjoy this blog topic) I really liked your blog about Arizona. I felt the same way about the place.

2. Your children's precociousness and mischief. Especially the up-high toothbrush. I think I want to adopt Vicbowin.

3. Random discussions like the ones on religion and the minaret law. I like chances to think.

4. Projects you are working on.

So, basically, I love your blog through and through! lol

Monthly theme: Something looking forward to the new year? new beginnings? I'm really not good with themes. How about a luau theme? :)

My favorite holiday: Dia de los Muertos because I love love love dressed up skeletons mocking death. I'm seriously obsessed with these skeletons. Once my kitchen is put together, it will have lots of those skeletons.

Honestly, I don't care what you blog about as long as you blog. You can make paint drying seem interesting or entertaining.
Lisa said…
I too hate when people start their church talks like that. I immediately tune out that very moment they say it.

And my favorite things you blog about are your hilarious stories about your kids. Some of them are so great I even re-tell them to the hubby.

I also feel like I'm in a blogging rut. I feel like my posts lately are "fillers".
I like your new header! Did you do that on Picasa?

I have to admit when I saw the title of your recent political blog I skipped right over it, but then I cam back last night and read it. I rather enjoyed it. It certainly made me think about a few things.

I like what you do. I like the equal opportunity blogger you are; all topics are subject.

I like hearing about your crazy little boy. He sounds like such a handful.

I like your code names. I kind of wish I had done that from the get-go, but I don't want to use the energy on it now.

I am finding myself in a blogging rut too. I can't seem to find a happy medium; either I am going blog-wild posting multiple ones a day or nothing at all.
cannwin said…
Mrs. Perkins-- (it's fun to call you that) there's a trick to that. schedule blogs for later dates... sometimes I get the blogging urge and so what I do is (instead of blogging multiple times a day) I post for later days I know I'll be busy or Saturdays that I don't usually blog on.

Yes! Picasa. I have been tinkering around and I figured that out and it was like angels singing and lights going on all around me. I like Picasa it is handy.

I have never felt like your posts were fillers. I like your blog, it's humorous and fun... although I'm not such a fan of your husbands new do... ;)

Wow, what a compliment.... I can make paint drying interesting. I think that's the best compliment I've ever gotten. Well, there was this once when ralexwin said I had just the right amount weirdness and practicality to make everyday interesting. I now have that up on my laptop screen because I thought it was so sweet. Maybe I'll put yours up next to it. ;)
cannwin said…
Oh... p.s. that picture of me in the header. Yeah, that's St. Andrews (you'll know it as the beach where they go running in Chariots of Fire)

It was ever so VERY cold there.

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