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Plinky Prompt: Share Your Favorite Family Story

When I was a youngster I loved to make brownies. I think this may be a result of the fact that it was about all I could make. I made them frequently. Without thought as to what I was really doing. They were easy.

Step one:
Empty contents of box into bowl

Step two:
Add eggs and oil

Step three:
Stick in the oven

So one time my recipe didn't go as well as it should. I was missing something (I can't remember what, but it's rather irrelevant) and since I knew very little about the actual art of cooking I figured I could skip that step.

Note to readers: When there are only three steps, skipping one is not a good idea.

The brownies didn't turn out so well. In fact they were rock hard. A solid cubical shape of brown that made a loud thump as my brother and I dropped them into the garbage. We were amazed at the results of leaving out certain ingredients. It kept our attention for as long as any child's can be kept and then we were off doing whatever else we did in our small world.

But that day was a little different than our typical day. That day our older brother (11 years older) was coming over to visit. So, naturally, when he showed up we had to go fish the brownie block out of the garbage and show him what I'd done.

The memory at this point becomes rather vague. The brownie mass was handed over, my brother seemed amazed (which we took as being amazed at how hard they were), we were pleased that we'd amazed him and then we ran off to play again.

The strongest part of the memory is when said oldest brother came hustling down the stairs and asked where we had gotten the brownies from. We were confused.

"Where were they before you handed them to me?" He clarified.


In the garbage of course, where else do you put a failed cooking experiment?

My brother wasn't to pleased. Some gagging and stomach clenching ensued and it was revealed to us that he had taken our presentation of brownies as an offer of food.

He'd eaten them.

We wanted  to know how on earth he'd managed that since they were rock hard. I guess when you are trying to please little children you choke down most anything they cook you (I've done that).

However, my oldest brother has yet to live that one down. It happened twenty years ago and the man cannot go a year without someone reminding him of the time he ate the brownies out of the garbage.

We like to rub these sorts of things in, it's practically a family tradition.

As it will be for them to start reminding me of all the little things I did. Even if it is a public setting.


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