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The Road Less Traveled

I told you Bilbo was a better traveler than I was. Well, I tried to make it a little more interesting this time. When I was stuck in my 15 hour Twilight Zone I kept a running log to share with you fine folks.

Dec. 17-18, 2009

1:35P We've been driving for 15 min. and Albowin announces he has to go pee.Classic! We haven't even made it to the next town.

He swears he went before we left. So I guess the real question is how much water did he drink AFTER that?

3:44P Albowin: We're going to another state!? But we won't understand what they say.

4:17P Vicbowin is quizzing us on state capitols . I'm failing miserably. Ralexwin has sworn to openly tease me for the entire Christmas vacation.

HaHa he's so funny.

4:33P Road sign: Worms, NE 9 miles --->

5:40P Vicbowin: Are we almost there?
         Ralexwin: Yeah.
         Vicbowin: Really?!
         Ralexwin: Yep, just 6 more hours.

6:49P I think Iyawin has a fever.

8:33P Just finished cleaning up a blowout diaper. It was tricky in an over packed truck at 41*F... I washed my hands thoroughly afterward.

8:34P If you ever have to opportunity to drive the length of Nebraska... pass.

8:42P We just missed our turn off and are now headed to Denver.

8:45P Ah, Colorado.

9:05P Back in NE, headed in the right direction again.


9:19P All the kids asleep! :) Lullabies rock.

11:40P What is it with Wyoming? We've been here for less than an hour and we've had rain, fog, a black ice warning and a 2 minute blizzard. And the temperature has dropped 20 degree's since crossing the border.

Midnight: I am now wedged between the front and back seats. It is very tight. I can't move, but am surprisingly comfortable... in a can't move/have a shoe under my bum sort of way.

2:20A Vicbowin: Are we out of Wisconsin yet?
            (We were never in Wisconsin)

4:30A Passed a sign that said--something something something 19 DEAD something something... Wish I could have read the whole thing. Vicbowin is being a chatter box and has succeeded in waking everyone up.

4:50A Sign: Echo 1/2 mile

5:00A Sleeping Mischievite is drooling down my arm.

5:30 A We are here!!


Claire Wessel said…
You are far braver than I to drive through Wyoming at night in the winter! I'm 100% with you on skipping the Nebraska drive. It is flat and boring and painfully straight. *yawn*

So, did you end this adventure in Wyoming or a different state?
cannwin said…
We are enjoying a balmy 30*F in Salt Lake City. They keep saying how cold it is here and I haven't used my coat yet... in fact I'm not sure where it is at the moment.
cannwin said…
PS... Salt Lake would be 1,016 miles from home.

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