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Laundry Out to Dry

I had the recent pleasure of being informed, by a site I'd approached about advertising space, that my blog wasn't the fit they wanted for theirs...

I'm not sure what was meant by that, nor how or if it would be something I want to fix. I blog about my life. I blog about being a mom, a REAL mom with kids who do silly things, but I also try to blog about me. I try to write things that remind me that I am a woman as well as a mother. Sometimes that is hard to find, sometimes it ends up being an entire post complaining about how tired I am. Is that so bad? Isn't a blog a way of showing the world who we are while staying safely behind the screen.

Right now I am laying in my husbands bathrobe on the bed with a baby between me and the computer. The Mischievite keeps coming in and licking my face and trying to get my attention and I have yet to bathe. Oh, and my feet are tucked under the mountain of laundry that needs to be folded.

This is my life! This is who I am. This blog represents the day to day reality that I and many women exist in. I don't have some fancy background, or a fancy header. I actually go to places that make them for free.

The same is true for my kids and my home. I don't buy my furniture at Ethan Allen (although I dream of the day I can) and my kids wear hand-me-downs. The funny thing is that it bothers me far more that my blog isn't perfect than it does that my world isn't perfect.

Perhaps it is because I see how many 'followers' those pretty blogs have and I wonder if that is because they seem perfect. Do we seek after perfection on the screen because we can't find it in our lives?

Sure I would like more readers, more comments. I would LOVE it, but at what expense?

When Ralexwin and I first got married I told him I wanted to be able to have people over frequently because it would help me to keep up on house cleaning. If someone was always coming over then I would be forced to have a clean house. This philosophy has evolved over the years. I've realized that what I want most when I go to someones house is to see that they are human. So when I clean I almost intentionally leave some things messy. I don't bother with the pile by the phones. Or the craft table in the living room. I leave Ralexwin's text books where they landed. I hope that when people come to my house they find themselves in a place of comfort and welcome instead of perfection and propriety.

So maybe my blog isn't perfect, but I think it's welcoming (is it? I hope it is). I think it shows the reality of mothering and of womanhood and doesn't incite people to list their faults. We all have faults. I hope you as the reader can see mine through my blog and love me for them.



Jenn said…
I love reading your blog....and Lord knows I'm with ya on the perfection and propriety thing....I appreciate the "realness" of your blog...and find I seem to read blogs that are more "real". I know I have flaws and shortcomings....I don't need to read or "see" perfection on the computer screen too. Society as a whole has already created little monster of perfection and obsessiveness-to-be-a-certain-way.....I am happy being ME and I am so thankful that you are YOU. (Even if that means I'm sitting here in sweats and you are tucked under laundry in your bathrobe!!)
Christie said…
That is so funny - I was just writing a post about the EXACT SAME THING. Mine is scheduled to hit the web tonight (as I just posted late last night - gotta have some space between posts!).

You are so right on. It's high time we show our real selves and love and embrace the imperfect. Very well said.
I've had these same thoughts. It would be a dream come true to have a widely read blog, but I know I don't quite fit the mold either. I've noticed those widely read blogs are either crafters dishing out new projects daily or child care tips or some kind of useful info that apparantly I am fresh out of. I enjoy reading your blog daily! and I am surprised you don't have more followers. Try try again!
Travelin'Oma said…
You reflect goodness and happiness as you write about your real life. There are lots of people who are looking for that combination. I think your sphere of influence is much greater than you realize. Great post!

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