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Who I Am #2

I am working on ...

Most of those close to me ask pretty frequently whether or not I have been writing (meaning manuscripts). The truth is I haven't.

Not because I don't want to, but between diaper changes, lunch time, chores and car-pools I rarely find the time. Blogging has become my source of writing. Blogging is my journaling and my expressive exercise.

Other than that, which would be a lame and obvious answer, I am working on improving the self within me. There are several facets of who I am that I would like to improve upon, but I know myself enough to know that if I am not 'ready' to change... I will fail. So I wait until I am ready and then I move forward.

Here are some of the things I have decided to move forward on:

(My photo and computer skills.)

I am surprised at the amount of enjoyment I have discovered from my beginning to learn how to read html coding. Not only do I feel a sense of pride at being 'self-taught' but I also like the control it gives me over things like my blog. I have also begun to tinker around with photoshop programs and enjoy the freedom that allows.

These two aspects of my life have come, I think, from a desire to be a better photographer. My little sister, Emarfar is really good at what she does and I have to admit a small amount of jealousy. (Not only cause she's a fox!)


But because she a dang good photographer.
I want to be better at this particular artistic outlet.



I am working on making my children laugh. On making their home a place they want to be. I am working on making their rooms places that they want to be, full of objects and memories that they can connect to.

I have started to craft more in an effort to fill our house with more meaningful things. I have started to sew more in an effort to curb our spending and create clothing that my children can feel pride in. (Okay, that I can feel pride in them wearing).

(It's not that big of a deal)

Ralexwin is incredible at letting things just roll of his back. Life doesn't seem to phase him. He rarely cares what others think (or at least he seems that way). As a child and a young adult EVERYTHING mattered to me. I felt this burning desire to be constantly right (not uncommon amongst my siblings), as well as an absolute knowledge that everyone was talking about me and/or out to get me.

Since being married I have had these idea's pretty much teased out of me. (My brother in laws are not the people you want to show weakness to). It's great living a life where I can NOT care about what someone says... even if it is about me, even if it's rude.

If it's not true, then why should I really care? If it's not defaming me or my family, then why does it matter? I will not live my life worried about others thinking. I cannot control their minds, only my own.

I am working today on:
Taking a nap
Finishing up a few sewing projects
Going to lunch with Ralexwin
Taking another nap



Marc said…
Your "you might also like" links are not working properly
Polly Blevins said…
do you publish your blogs and keep them as journals. If so who do you go through and what are the price ranges?
cannwin said…
on the cutest blog on the block there's a link to a book publishing place, that's where I went.

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