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The Anti-Internet Week

Things I've done (or that have happened) whilst being grounded from the internet:

*Read a book and started another.

*Made underwear for the boys (who were so excited you'd think I'd made them out of gold thread).

*Helped Vicbowin make a tutorial for her blog.

*Was informed by Vicbowin that she likes me better when I'm grounded from the internet.

*Started putting together a puzzle.

*Cleaned and purged Vicbowin's room of stuff.

*Made a couple of hair-bands for the girls.

*Noticed the speck of dirt marring the ceiling in the living room.

*Came up with a name or two for random blogs I'll never make.

*Wrote half of a poem (should I post it?).

*Discovered that there is something wrong with my 'mass storage device' which probably is why the USB ports on my computer won't work... Marc!!!! save me.

*Realized I missed some of the 'Made for Boys' theme over at

*Made a snow man with the kids.

*Had a snowball fight with the kids (I totally lost).

*Broke the grounding so I could chat Ralexwin and tell him to call my phone since I can't find it anywhere!

*Was informed by a 21 year old friend that I'm "young at heart."

*Had a nightmare about no one reading my blog because I hadn't responded to any comments (yes, it's that important to me).

*Had the police come over to my house because Angry Man called them about the dog barking. Officer told me it echoed through the tree's behind our house. (Okay... sidetrack here, but echo through the trees? Give me a break. Is that even possible? Wouldn't the tree's ABSORB the sound? And never mind the fact that there are about 5 dogs living in the neighborhood. Heaven forbid it be one of their dogs and what do they want us to do? Stop her from barking? How?! Muzzle her?)

*Lost my phone. (see above).

*Got sick.

*Tended the babies when they got sick.

*Sent the Irish Twins to church with a friend so sick babies could stay home (that's a first... they're growing up so fast).


Claire Wessel said…
I think I'll agree that the trees should absorb or interfere with the flow of sound! If it is a little gully in the middle of the tree area, and the dog was down there, there is a chance it could be amplified even with the trees, but I'm thinking not. I suppose you could muzzle the dog for a week and see if the cops show up anyways and then you could just point to the muzzle and say "let him know it isn't our dog!" It would be a bark-free week, though the dog may resent it.

You were really productive without the internet!
Amy said…
Ah....we have an "angry man" neighbor too! It's a dog, it's going to bark ocassionally! He actually came over and yelled at me about it while I was in labor. :-P

Oh, and "echo through the trees"? What a load of ...
Polly Blevins said…
I am the angry neighbor. I hate other people's dogs. I hate them spreading my trash, wandering and scaring my kids, barking all night, etc. I guess I never would have cared so much but Will never let our dogs do that stuff. He was extremely considerate of others that way. He had a shock collar and if they were barking too much he would shock them. If they were wandering, he would shock them. Kind of mean but no one has ever complained about our animals. They have since died...maybe too much shocking. just kidding, old age.
Anonymous said…
I totally agree with Polly. I think that if you're going to have pets it's your responsibility to make sure they are not bothering anyone else. I'm not someone that would call the police unless it was past the point of rediculous. I did give my neighbor my feelings on their dog once after it was sitting on my front step and wouldn't leave even after it scared my 3 yr old into screaming fits. I would have let it go if it had been a first time offense but it wasn't. It was one of those last straw moments.
I always hated cats that came into my yard and left their sandbox remains. Then we got a cat and I could not keep him in our yard but I would not have felt bad if someone had shot him. I don't get attached to animals. I could actually go on and on about this as you have probably noticed.
cannwin said…
The thing is that no one has ever complained about Star until this grump moved in. It's a very dog friendly neighborhood. Most everyone has dogs and the only time Star ever barks is when something is up i.e. a skunk in her cage. But if ANY dog in the area barks he calls the cops on us. It used to be the neighbors he called the police on but he managed to get rid of all their dogs so now he's working on Star.

OOOOh he makes me mad.
Jiber said…
He's moving isn't he? And WOW- good job with the internet grounding. I found that I got tons done while I was grounded for the month of January. Love it- I'm not on it as much anymore...
cannwin said…
yes Angry Man is supposed to be moving in a month. Hallelujah!

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