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I was thinking this morning, as I lay there trying to convince myself I was still asleep, that an entire life story can be told from the perspective of beds. (I have random thoughts don't I? That's why I picked the blog title I did).

When Ralexwin and I first got married we had a full sized mattress on the floor. That's it. There wasn't even a box spring but we were content with what we had and there was rarely a complaint about it.

When I was rather far along in my pregnancy with Vicbowin, I expressed a need for a higher bed (since getting up off the floor was difficult). So Ralexwin and his brother bought an entire queen sized bedroom set off a guy for $200. It was very old and outdated, but it served it's purpose.

Later on in my life, when Ralexwin was off enjoying himself in Iraq, I upgraded to a king sized bed. Which is the same bed we have today.

These thoughts were running through my head as I listened to the giggles from my four children lined up down the bed beside me. Vicbowin, Albowin, Iyawin, and Remewin all have shared the same crib. Each has slept on the same mattress and began life in the same bassinet. All but our little Remewin has slept with a sibling bunked above (or below) them, their names and designs etched into the wood frame.

As they have grown, like all of us, their desire to possess some space of their own has led them back to their beds.

I still love being on my bed. I spend alot of time there reading, laying with the kids, folding clothes. I feel comfortable on my bed.

Vicbowin spends many hours on her bed as well, playing and reading.

Beds have so much to do with our lives and our memories. It's an odd thing that of all our earthly possessions we seem to be most connected to the bed.

When we are sick we pine for our beds, when we are sleepy or cuddly or sad we retreat to the same comforting space within our home.

Someday I want to have a canopy bed. I love the idea of a canopy above me and curtains to pull around me, as if my bed can truly become a sanctuary from the world.

And just like my life the desire for a better bed shows that there are still stages that I have yet to go through. Just like my children have stages to go through yet--upgrades to make, extra space needed for extra people.

Perhaps there are bed's in heaven... big fluffly ones with white sheets and blankets. Perhaps they have white sheer curtains hanging from a white four poster bed that blow softly in the breeze. The ultimate bed for the last and final stage.

That would be very nice.


Sara said…
I've had my bed for 10 years and so ready to get rid of it. Goodbye memories of kids spilling milk, punch, throw up and poop all over it. Sounds gross I know. I so want a new bed and one where I can't feel my husbands leg spasms all through the night!
Jennifer said…
We want to get a Tempur-Pedic bed, to make things easier for my sweetie's arthritis. We've got a memory foam mattress pad, which helps, but a bed would be better. Canopies would be nice, too. Mmmmm...
Anonymous said…
I just have to give some free advertising for temperpedic beds. They are the BEST!!!! My husband and I got one with our tax refund about 6-7 years ago. For the first 2 weeks I was thinking we may have spent a lot of money for an average bed. After about 2 weeks I started waking up without back pain. That hadn't happened for at least 2 years. Ever since then I have not had a morning of waking up with back pain. We love, love, love our bed.
My only complaint is that they sleep hot. They keep your body heat which is wonderful in the winter but sometimes in the summer it can be frustrating if you don't have AC.

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