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Bibliophiliacs Anonymous

Have you ever noticed how blogging has a life of it's own? Have you ever noticed that, like piercing your ears, one time is never enough.

My sister called me about a month ago to announce that she had this great idea and she wanted my involvement. Thus began our newest venture in the world of web logging.

The Literary Soundtrack
(I made this!)

The Literary Soundtrack (I wanted to call it Bibliophiliacs Anonymous to which my sister announced that I was a nerd) is a blog devoted to literature and music.

More appropriately the influence that these two aspects of art and culture have on one another.

Have you ever heard a song and thought of how it reminded you of a book? Have you ever heard a song and made up a story to go with it? Have you ever connected the two in your head?

I bet you have.

That's why many writer's questionnaires ask what type of music you listen to when you write. Music inspires all of us bibliophiliacs, in some form or another.

My sister and I have decided that this is worth exploring. So we created a place to do just that.

So hop on over to my new blog (not to take away from this, "my precious," blog).

To the right of the posts you will see a music player that allows you to listen to a snippet of each song we have talked about (or right now, the ones we are going to be talking about) and at the bottom there is a youtube link so you can dig around for any videos you want.

PLUS! Each post will have links to author/musician websites. As well as a place you can buy any of the material we discuss.

This is a blog intended for interaction with the reader, so post a comment and let us hear what you think.

AND grab our widget (the sunflower CD) so we can get the word out. Put one up on your own blog or website.

That's your homework for today (even my facebookers).

Thanks for all the support you give me with my blog. Some days it's frustrating seeing how other blogs get prestige from the get go and my little one here in this corner of the world sits quietly. Then I remember how devoted my readers are, how often people stop to tell me they liked one post or another and I am happy.

 That being said, I'm sure you'll enjoy what we have for you over there. And if you have any song/books combos to suggest don't hesitate to mention it!


Amy said…
When you wrote '"my precious" blog', I automatically inserted Gollum's voice there. :-)
cannwin said…
mwahahaha that's what I wanted you to do. :)
Evelyn Perkins said…
I think its a great idea and I fully intend to look more into it at naptime. Right now I am skimming. See! I visit your posts MULTIPLE times! I left you a little somethin' somethin' on my blog. One of those cheesy blog awards. I can't figure out if I hate/love them... Either way, I don't hate/really love your blog so there ya' go.

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