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Monthly Theme: I'm So Lucky!

Since it's March I figured I'd do a theme about Luck. Since it's been a while since I explained what my monthly themes are all about, I figured I'd do that too.

When I started this blog I immediately discovered that coming up with something to write about every day was a little harder than I had thought (just a on those days when I haven't brushed my teeth or showered and it's nearly 10 AM i.e. today). To combat this infrequent, but annoying, writers block I started poking around to see what other people did.

Some bloggers do certain themes on certain days. Some bloggers devote entire blogs to prompts for others (I love these). I did my research and decided to go with my own version--a monthly theme.

Now, just to clarify, this isn't what I write about all month, but a fall-back option for those days when I don't really have something to say (and can't find a prompt). It also gets my mind working in a certain direction and helps speed up those sluggish creative juices.

Now, as for March 2010, I figured luck sounded fun.

What kind of luck? Any kind! Superstitious luck, blessings, lists of positives, crazy moments that make a person go... "whew! I can't believe I just dodged that falling tree."

I think this month I'll even take submissions from you guys. If you have a story that fits the theme (in any way) send it to me and I'll most likely post it--wifeof6 (at) gmail (dot) com--.

Rules. Rules. There always has to be rules. I'll make them quick:

1) Nothing offensive or overly adult (PG-13)

2) No stalking me.

3) If you submit and I put it up then you have to announce on your blog, with a link (my grab-box widget thingy), that you're writing on mine.

3a) Unless of course you don't have a blog, then you just have to link me in your facebook, twitter, or other place.

3b) If you have none of the above... then it's alright you can still submit.

4) Remember that although I have a small following it may be different than your following and you could possibly snag a few more readers. It's a win-win situation.

5) I will accept photos as well.

6) It's still your writing and you still have all the rights to it, but if I can ever afford to print my blog into a book (for me and mine) it's likely your post will end up in there... with proper credit given of course.

Okay. I'm sure I'll be coming up with some fun posts too, but I want to see what you have to offer as well. So start typing!


Wait a minute--no stalkers? But if we sign up to follow you aren't we kinda stalking you for new blog posts?

But really luck is a wonderful theme to focus on this month.
I'd like to participate. You caught my eye on MMB and decided to click on over to your blog.

Luck= I like to think of it as blessed. I'm not sure how to explain it. But I feel greatly blessed right now. Which is actually quite hard when your hubby is looking for work.

But nonetheless I feel blessed.

These are my reasons.
1. I get to go to Casual Blogger Conference. I mean like really. I have my tickets. They were given to me. :)

2. I am signing up to be a contributor on MMB. Which basically means I will have to submit articles to MMB on a monthly basis. YEAH me! (Trying to enhance my writing skills since I LOVE to write)

3. We have food on our table. Rent is being taken care of.

4. I have three beautiful daughters who are the sweetest spirits I could have asked for.

I could probably go on and on. But I won't.
These are just a few of the reasons I am feeling blessed right now.

*I look forward to hearing from you soon.*
cannwin said…
Following may be a form of stalking but it tends to leave my house free of creepy lurkers so I don't mind so much.

I'm excited to have you over here! I love new readers it absolutely makes my day.

As for blessings I totally get you. It's almost like when things are toughest you start noticing all the things you do have.

My mom used to say 'never pray for blessings' it'll only make life harder. Or maybe she said never pray for humility... She also said to be specific in what you pray for because it can be interpreted wrong if you don't i.e. when you pray to get home safely pray that the car does too.

I am grateful my children have the spunk that they do because life would be so dull without it (and I'd have NOTHING to blog about)

I hope you enjoy my blog! Feel free to poke around.

Travelin'Oma said…
These are a few of my good-luck standbys.

1. Lift your feet when you go over railroad tracks.

2. Kiss your hand and hit the dashboard when you see a perdiddle (car with one headlight out.)

3. Pick up a lost penny and put it in your pocket.

Good luck!

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