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Plinky Prompt: Name a food that reminds you of someone

My senior year of high school my best friend and I would go down to this shop every Wednesday night and have cheese fries and Lime-Rickies (the Utah sort).

To this day I can't take a bite of a cheese fry without thinking of Kazia. We had great times together back then.

Like the time I let our other friend Hilary drive my brothers car. Hil was really short so she had to push the drivers seat up and we forgot to push it back when we got home. This might have been overseen except for the fact that my brother came rushing out of the house and climbed into the drivers seat. "Jeez, why do you sit so close!? How do you even get in here?"

Or when Kazia and I ditched school to go shopping. The plan was to put all the clothes I bought into my closet before my brother got home, therefore keeping it on the down low that I'd been sluffing. It didn't go as planned. Moments after we pulled into the driveway (which was after school had gotten out) Kazia spotted my brother driving up the street. I panicked and ran, arms full of bags, to the house, but instead of quickly hiding everything and dealing with it later I tripped on the uneven pavement and spilled my cache all over. When my brother pulled in, Kazia and I were laughing so hard we could barely breathe.

She also seemed to have this never ending supply of $100 cars. I think every high school student should have a hundred dollar car. Nothing makes memories as much as not knowing whether a car will stall at a stop sign, or laughing at a sibling (hers) when he refuses to listen to you about the temperament of an automobile and ends up stuck in the middle of a major street.

Kazia is one of those awesome friends that sticks around even after a decade. We rarely talk, but when we do the conversations last hours.

I remember the first time she pointed out a certain guy in a grocery store and said, "I think he's cute." She later married him.

When Ralexwin and I were dating... or rather had just ended our relationship, I called Kazia and sobbed into her listening ear. A week later I called her again to announce that we were getting married. (She wasn't to excited about that).

We've been around for each other in happy moments and sorrowful ones in an incredible way that I share with only about 3 people.

So it is, that those moments in my senior year, when we sat in her beat up old $100 Ford Maverick eating Cheese Fries and guzzling down Lime Rickey's, until we were sick, have stuck with me.

Which I honestly can't say about any other food.


**So as to avoid confusion, it is worth noting that I lived with my brother and his wife my senior year of high school.


Kaz said…
Yes. The memories that we share from back then are so fun and exciting. Most every story that we have together makes me smile when I think of it. We were so silly back then, and really I cant believe that we never got in much trouble (like in the stories you shared). Such fun days - not that I havent had great days since then, we just had a lot of them, and sometimes I miss them. But really I think that it is you I miss (you need to move back here - k-:) I am glad your memories of back then (that makes me sound like a grandma) are as wonderful as mine. and Yes I love to talk to you on the phone so call me sometime:) (I of course lost your number AGAIN - for some reason it keeps running away from me:)

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