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Spring Break Day 3

(the only flowers to be seen this spring break)

So I stumbled across a list of questions the other day--the self-discovery type--and one of them was--"If your house was burning down what 3 things would you save?"

Well, my first response was 'my children' but obviously that's like asking whose your favorite person in the Bible.

Saying 'my kids' doesn't count.

So I've decided on my movie projector instead. :)

The other night we had a bunch of the single kids (kids as in 18-30 year old singles... how did they become kids?) from church over and I asked them the same question. One of the guys had a pretty good answer:

"My car keys."

Oooh. Hadn't thought of that. That's a good one. I added it to my list.

Another girl chimed in, "My insurance policy."

I liked that one, but I think maybe just the entire 'vital records' file would have to come.

Funny how some people think so rationally and others so emotionally. I wonder how many people would go for family photos and journals. Which are all justifiable things to grab, but I'm gonna say my wallet is probably a little more important in a situation like that.

And my movie projector of course. I can see that being something we never re-bought.

So here's my serious list:
1. Car keys/purse
2. Vital Records
3. Journals

In that order, not only because of level of importance but because that way I could make a circuit around my house instead of running pell-mell from here to there.

What would you grab? And why? 

Oh... PS: Yesterday I found a dead cat on my front porch. ::shiver:: Hows that for a surprise?


Lisa said…
Other than humans...

I would grab my computer and filing cabinet. They are the other things in the house that have irreplaceable information. But I don't think I'm strong enough to lift my filing cabinet, so I need to make a vital records sheet.

Um, maybe the jewelry box.
cannwin said…
I don't have any valuable jewelry other than a pearl necklace and my wedding ring... everything else is fake.

Maybe my 72 hour kit would be a good grab as well.
Evelyn Perkins said…
Dead cat?! Sounds unlucky to me!

I would grab the has our life on, journaling, records. And the boxes of pictures. I would be devastated to lose those!
cannwin said…
Dead cat! My first thought was... oh, that's not what I was expecting for the blog swap.


No just kidding (my morbid sense of humor has gotten away with me). I really thought, 'dang it I knew I'd heard something last night, if only I'd gotten out of bed I might have been able to save the poor thing.'

See, I like to blame myself for things I can't prevent... it helps me not sleep at night. :)

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