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Re-Post: Packing Updates

Originally posted July 28, 2008. One year before Remewin's birth. It's strange to think that she wasn't even thought of at this point. I was convinced I would never have another girl and I was desperately sad about that. I have always felt that every girl needs a sister, every boy--a brother. It was hard for me to think that Vicbowin might never get that chance. BUT our Remewin came to us and made our family full and wonderful.

None of that was even on my mind when I wrote this post. We were on the brink of a grand adventure and my mind was fully occupied with the events that would soon follow. This post was written only a few weeks (or days) before we moved to South Dakota.

Enjoy. ♥

I am sitting on a fold out chair with my bum barely in it (actually I think my tailbone is the only thing holding me here), I have a big box marked 'BOX 25 BAKING PANS' that my feet are propped up on and the laptop is sitting neatly in my lap. I am facing an open window and I'm not very comfortable.

So why am I here? Because it's the only place I can get a connection to the internet (yes I'm hijacking) our kitchen table has been moved into the living room so we could eat a nice dinner with guests and since we're gonna have to move it again in a few days I guess we figured it's not worth putting back where it belongs.

I have dust all over my skirt and feet. I've got my hair pulled off my face and I've been sweating madly.

Today is our first 'get it done' packing day. We are on box 33 and have already begun the arguing about what's really important. He doesn't think the 50 odd elephant figurine's I own are worth keeping (especially since they've been in a box since we've been married). I don't think the 50 odd copies of the bible that he has are worth keeping (one or two please!).

I'm wondering why we have 4 basketballs, he's wondering why I've got an entire box devoted to fabric.

The sound of '
No! Keep that.' Is resounding up and down the stairwell. The Mischievite is in a dreamland of odds and ends strewn throughout the house with boxes in every direction to crawl into/onto/over/under.

I've already marked one box '
Sentimental. You lose this box and you're dead!' thinking maybe that would get through if the FRAGILE didn't.

What an exciting week we've started, as long as we can keep the humor going that is.


Evelyn Perkins said…
I could copy and paste this to my blog, change the names, and call it my own. So my life right now. Thanks for the chuckle!
Claire Wessel said…
It never occurred to me that you had this blog before you moved out here. It was a little weird to go back in your archive and read some stuff from before you were here. Not too sure what word describes it...surreal?

Oh, another thing we have in common: torn ACL without tears or medical care! take that, pro athletes! (Of course I did black out and land on the ground when I tore mine. Turns out a person can faint from pain)
cannwin said…
Vicbowin passed out from pain when she was about 3 years old. She fell down the stairs and then passed out. It freaked us out! I went to the doctor right away and she said there was no concussion and that the pain must have done it.

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