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Slipping and Sliding

This morning Ralexwin informed me that there was no shampoo in the shower.

"I knew we were running low," I said, "but I'm sure we had some."

"There's none." He smirked. "Not even the kids shampoo. No conditioner either."

I tried to process. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize..."

"I think it was Vicbowin." He interrupted. "I'm pretty sure she poured it onto the tub floor to make it slippery."

Ah. That sounds right up her alley.

Ralexwin smiles, "If that's the worst thing she ever does, then she's a pretty good kid. Lets just make sure she knows it's not okay to do again."


Today is also the last day of school for the Irish Twins. Whew, thought that would never end.

Isn't it funny how at the beginning of a school year every one is so excited, but by the end it's all you can do to get homework done. Then summer is the same way. At the beginning you're so excited to get to do things like sleep in for half an hour, but by the end you're pulling your hair out.

Ralexwin suggests scheduling out summer days so that everyone knows what's expected for themselves. So my children and I have worked out a bit of a system. During the summer they each have a chore chart. If, at the end of the week, all the chores are finished they get a dollar.

The chores are simple:
Make your bed.
Tidy your room.
Brush teeth/hair.
One big chore.

Last year this worked superbly (until the end of the summer of course.... see above).

This year we have taken Ralexwin's advice one step further. The children and I have made a daily schedule:

Reading time/ Craft time (quiet time)
Outside for at least an hour
Free time
Bath/Daddy time

So all I need to do is come up with what to do during these time periods. Clearly we'll have to go to the library at least once a week or go to the grocery store... okay, outside the house time. That's fine.

But what crafts am I going to do and where am I going to put them? Help!? I'm very much a 'crafting with a purpose' sort of person. I don't like my crafts to be just decorative (usually) because after a while you end up with to many things!

I have a few ideas. Like doing something for the Toy Society or Craft Hope, but what else could I do!?

Maybe I will devote my June theme to Summer Crafting for Kids. What do you do to keep your kids occupied? What crafts do you like?


Jennifer said…
I'm going to be continuing the sewing lessons I started last summer - we're making skirts this summer - and I'm going to be starting cooking lessons. Not crafts, no, but it might be useful to fill in some of that time. :) How about scrapbooks? Learning how to knit or crochet? Embroidery? Vicbowin might enjoy learning how to embroider her pillow cases, or how to sew ribbon onto towels to make them uniquely hers, for instance.

Making sidewalk chalk, sidewalk paint, bubble mix, garden stepping stones, and freezer jam. Learning about astronomy (will involve some late nights for stargazing), raising your own garden ... Hmmm, I have run out of ideas. LOL

Good luck! I have been thinking things over and planning out our summer, too. We are going to learning a great deal about cleaning, in addition to cooking and sewing. *evil laugh*
Polly Blevins said…
In 4-H we did a babysitting kit. We made hand puppets, paper dolls, flannel story boards and a few more things. We also made a case to carry it all in. THat way, when we went babysitting, we had everything. You could do this and have your kids entertain eachother with them. I need your help. Call me so we can work out some blog issues I am having. Thanks.
Polly Blevins said…
I'm glad your husband said that about your daughter. Dad always said that. It is a nice thing to hear when you think you are in trouble, and a nice little memory for me.

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