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Ralexwin and I have been going back and forth about where we want to go from here. He only has a year left of school so the topic has understandably come up.

He seems to think we're moving to St. George, Utah. I keep holding out that we will be staying here in South Dakota.

The thing is I've always loved St. George. It's where Ralexwin and I met and fell in love. Where he went to school and where I worked. It's where I was when he proposed to me and where I left from when I went to marry him. St. George is where we return to every year (or nearly) to visit family and laugh and grow. I love St. George, but it's changed in the last 10 years.

It's not the small college town it was when we lived there. It's not the quiet, sleepy little town.

Now it's a congested, street clogged, burgeoning town expanding beyond it's original limits. The last time we were there I was turned off by how big it had gotten. The memories and home-like feel were lost in the crowds.

I love South Dakota. It feels safe. It feels the way St. George used to feel.
So let's discuss the pro's and cons of St. George: 

* family
* good memories
* close to several national parks
* close to my Phoenix friends... okay closer 
* family ranch is within driving distance
* jobs
* shopping
* the kids have their grandma, great-grandma and many cousins close
* no more travelling for holidays
* it's beautiful there
* it would make Ralexwin happy
* Ralexwin and his brother could fulfill their dream of opening a law firm together

* it's gotten really big
* I'm not convinced it's such a safe place to raise kids anymore
* It's HOT
* it's not where I live now
* I wouldn't have the back yard I have now
* I wouldn't have full grown trees all over my yard
* I'm likely to have a garage with a house attached
* The housing prices are expensive
* It's not this house
* I like it where I am
* It's hot
* it's gotten really big
* I wouldn't have the backyard I have now
* I wouldn't have the mature trees in my yard
* I'm likely to have a garage with a house attached.
* it's hot.

See! Clearly more con's than pro's.

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Claire Wessel said…
St. George is only going to get worse as it is one of the new places people are going to as they jump Ship California. Even plenty of non-Mormons have been heading to Utah from Cali in recent years. I see it as a similar event to what happened to Phoenix and Las Vegas in the early-mid 90's. Those Cali people fled to Phoenix and Vegas, stayed permanently, and pretty much wrecked both places as well by turning them into hotter, more drug infested versions of SoCal. So, I can definitely see your resistance to St. George.

For a happy medium, couldn't you guys live solidly out of St. George where you'd feel more cozy and close enough so Ralexwin could open up shop with his brother and service the larger population of St. George?

Or better yet, if these brothers are so hot to mix business and family, why can't his brother move out here where it is WONDERFUL and far superior to St. George? said…
You forgot the most important Pro - you would live closer to me :) And if you do not want to move all of the way to St. George just move to ogden :) just sayin
Jessica Bair said…
South Dakota is the best place ever and I really love Vermillion. This coming from someone who's moving away:) But at least we'll still be in the midwest. In my opinion the midwest is the place to be. Lots of missionary work to be done out this way and lots of non-members. Don't get me wrong, I love members of the church but when you get so many it just feels weird. Maybe I feel that way because I was raised in SD, where there are only a few. It's scary leaving your comfort zone but you'll end up where you are supposed to. Most likely it'll be a place you never even considered.

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