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The Wicked Witch of the Mid-West

 I keep meaning to write about the most exciting happening in my recent life.
I got a new bike!

I can't even begin to tell you how long I've been wanting one, but I tend to be one of those people who can brush aside the things I want because I know that there is something someone else needs more. i.e. I have co-dependent tendencies.

Well Ralexwin said to me recently that he was really surprised at how much I'd used my old bike so he thought when we got our tax return money that I could buy a new one.

The 'old' bike:
 This little lady was a garage sale find last fall. It cost me $5... and is to small for me. It is rusty and creaky and the tires look as if they'll blow out at any minute.
But I rode it as much as I could.

The new bike:
Pinky here was bought at Wal-Mart for $99 (on sale).
Isn't she a beauty!? I had planned on buying a different one but then I saw her and I knew we were meant for each other.

Especially because of the carry along thingy at the back that I could put my basket (and an extra kid) onto.

Extra kid indeed. This is how she really looks.

Ralexwin and I actually got in a bit of an argument over the bike I wanted. It went something like this:

Him: 'You don't want that bike.'

Me: 'Yes I do!'

Him: 'No, you don't. It doesn't have gears and you're going to be hauling two kids... at least. You want a bike with gears.'

Me: 'No I don't. I want that bike.'

Him: 'No, you don't. Trust me on this. You don't'

Me: 'I want to get in shape dear and I want that bike. I'll get used to it.'

Him: 'I think you should get this one.'

Me: 'But that one's ugly.'

Him: 'Exactly! You only want that bike because you see yourself looking cute on it.'

Me: 'I do see myself looking cute on it, that's why I want it!'
Him: 'You'll ride it once and decide it's to hard and then never use it again.'

Me: 'I will not.'

Him: 'You don't want it.'

Me: 'Last time I checked I was capable of forming my own opinions. I want that bike.'

Him: 'Well I'll have to think about it.'

So you know what I did? I bought the bike when he wasn't with me.

And guess what? I have ridden.

I have ridden with the kids to school most every morning since I got it.

I'm not going to lie, though, it's been hard. The first few days I had to walk it for awhile because my legs were absolute jelly, but I have been trying to keep up on it and I can actually go all the way to Albowin's school and back without stopping now (Vicbowin's is uphill from Albowin's so I'm still working on that).

I feel great--and slightly smug--and very proud of myself.

Maybe I'll drop some of this baby weight this summer. That would be very nice.


Claire Wessel said…
Nothing like proving someone wrong to get enough motivation to keep riding that bike! lol (Ralexwin should have hooked up a bike with gears and a couple cans of super sweet sparkly pink spray paint for you instead of "I'll think about it")

I've been thinking a lot about getting a bike now that I live somewhere with sparse traffic and have a child who really wants to go on bike rides this summer. I haven't actually ridden a bike since I was about 12 though so I might just send her your way instead!
cannwin said…
Bikes are a great way to get in shape I've decided. My sister in law has gone onto this marathon kick and I keep thinking to myself... not a chance. But then I started feeling bad about it cause if I won't set a goal to run long distances and I won't go into a weight room then what am I going to do to exercise? So I decided to do a bike. I'd like to get in enough shape to go a long distance... maybe Sioux City... is that down hill? :)
Claire Wessel said…
hahaha, I think Sioux City is only down hill one way! I'm gonna be fat right now and suggest you ride to the ice cream shop in Elk Point instead of going to Sioux City :P

I'm so gimpy I'm sticking with the hotel pool for now. I'm getting less gimpy though so there is hope that someday I might actually get on a bike again.
Jennifer said…
I love the bike, especially because it has no gears! I hate bikes with gears and have to say I have never shifted a bike gear in my life.

You are making me think I want to have a bike again. I could ride around the neighborhood with my kids. Of course, then they'd want to go to the duck pond. *shudder* The nasty, bird poop encrusted banks of the duck pond, teeming with salmonella and who knows what else. Maybe I'll just drive them to the park...
Mrs. Perkins said…
It's very pink, but short of that, I like it! I love that you included the conversation with your husband!

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