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500 and More

You know, I passed my 500th post two posts ago and didn't even realize it. I guess it goes to show that I hardly count the amount of blogs I do, because I love it so much. In fact sometimes I feel like my zeal for writing, were it not controlled, would have doubled that amount by now. But a friend of mine once told me... one post a day was sufficient and I'm afraid I had to listen to reason.

This self control is also what allows my family to eat, I'm sure they're happy.

As for other aspects of my little hobby, I have been working on some more things around here. If you haven't noticed I've put up a feed on the sidebar for The Literary Soundtrack. Which makes it much easier for all of you to pick and choose what you want to read over there (I still encourage you to follow me though).

I've also gone and done something I swore I'd never do. I got a twitter account.

::ducks head in shame::

I know, I know--hop on the bandwagon Cannwin I think it's about to leave.

It's just that all the things I read say it's a really good tool for attracting more readers and you all know how much I love my readers. I just couldn't resist anymore.

I put that feed right under The Literary Soundtrack feed. So you can 'follow' me on twitter as well.

And finally on this dreary, wet Monday morning. I have been tinkering around with some new blog grab-boxes to replace my old one and perhaps go a little better with my new layout. I thought I'd put it out there for your opinion.

Here's the old one:

Here's the new one's I've been playing with:



The only problem I see with any of these grab-box images is that they don't exactly match my header, which would be one of the main reasons for changing the grab box in the first place (having my 'logo'  the same everywhere).

So if I were to switch to one of these.... which I probably will, do you think I should tinker around with a new and FINAL header?

Tell me your thoughts.... this really feels like the last part of the redesign of my blog so I want your input. :)


stephanie said…
i enjoy the third option!!!
Tess said…
They're all nice, but I think I like three. The second and third seem more personal. And I like how the font in the 3rd one is subtle so it doesn't steal the show.
Amydrorbaugh said…
I love number 3! It's so quiet and intimate, it just fuels the imagination looking at it. I think it will make people curious too. I like the header, but you're right, it doesn't exactly match. Your call. ;-)
Polly said…
Number 3. Military grabs lots of attention. It might help you grab more followers.
Serene said…
Your my hero. I've been meaning to get a twitter account but have been too chicken. What do you think so far? Do you like it?

And honestly, I haven't made a button yet just because I'm not quite sure what to put on it and how to make it match my blog.

But I like the third one too and think it works great for your blog!

You've inspired me.
cannwin said…
Twitter is, IMHO, pointless. I don't get why it's so popular, it's like facebook without everything but the status bar. But I gained two followers with one hours worth of twitter hopping. I also found some new and cool blogs the same way. So I am destined to use it, it seems. I just have to remember to. :)

I have had the same problem with making a grab box, and I'm not sure if anyone even uses my grab box. (I have no way of tracking that) but it's there if someone wants to use it.

If you really want I can try and make something for you. Perhaps my detached view point would be useful at seeing the tree through the forest ;)
Evelyn@Hangingbyasilverlining said…
Personally, I like your old button. I always thought it was rather clever. I have to admit, I was a little surprised you joined twitter...I just can't do it. But, I also say that right now when it feels my plate is overflowing...When the plate is not quite as full...I may end up eating my words. Haha
cannwin said…
You can still use my old button... it still works :)

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