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Cannwin's Saturday Secret's

You know how everyone seems to have those super cute wording on every craft they make? The one's that are for sure made with a bunch of equipment you don't have... and probably can't afford.

Well I recently discovered a cheaper method.

Maybe not quite as cute... but it works for me.

The trick to this project is that, as any artist knows, everything looks different from a distance.... and if you don't mention it, they'll never see the flaws (and if they do they're to polite to say anything).

So what is it? Two words: Contact Paper.

You can buy it at Wal-Mart... generally in the kitchen storage supplies... and comes in a massive roll that can be used for anything from laminating a piece of paper to covering the bottom of a cupboard. I ♥ Contact Paper.

Okay here we go....

1. Print out the words you want, in the size and font you want. You can get cute fonts from places like You can also read more about where I get my stuff online on this post.

2. The contact paper is thin and see through-ish so place that on top of your print out (clear side up).

3. Trace the words with a permanent marker, if you want you can wait for it to dry and do another coat. Also try using other mediums like acrylic paint. I haven't yet so I don't know if they work.

4. Cut around words... no need to cut each letter out a big circle is fine.

5. Adhere to your surface and Mod-Podge over. Voila!

 End Result-- (VERY bad picture. I tried, but old fogy Olympus didn't want to work for me).

There is a slight line around the edge of the contact paper but it's only visible up close.

So... what do you think?


Mamarazzi said…
ok girl...i cannot find your email but you are spazzing all over my blog and you are not where you need to's cracking me up...


i am doing things differently than in past swaps so ReeeeeaD, i think you will like the new format...good luck!

Cannwin said…
Sorry! My brain is distracted by the kids NOT being quiet during naptime... I just filled out the form. I will now await your email giving me a widget code.... at which point I will make a blog post of my own and then link up, correct!?

cannwin said…
I've gone and gotten a new form of commenting. I'm not sure how I will like this, but I am now testing it out to see what I think. Tell me what you think too!
Elaine Hearn said…
Such a fabulous idea! Thanks for the tips!
Tmspeaker said…
I like it! If I have the time I might try and do it... maybe.

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