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I've been working on and off on several projects for... well, several months. These chairs have been amongst those projects.

I am proud to say that I AM DONE! Finite! Finished.


All in all there are six chairs--2 red, 2 purple, and 2 yellow. Four are pictured here. I got the chairs by various means of manipulation (i.e. freecycle, dumpster diving, attic scrounging, and re-furbishable trading).

Which is your favorite? The red one is mine. That thing was so beat up we weren't sure it could be fixed. I, had faith in the little gem, however, and through not a little bit of hard work... and more than one broken drill bit...I managed to screw it all back together.

One coat of red paint later and I was in love. It's usually the chair I'm sitting on when I write to all of you!

I think I'm addicted, every garage sale I go to I now scope out the wood products thoroughly before leaving. I even have started to remember things I passed over last summer--with much regret of course.

I must restrain, however, because 6 re-surfaced chairs is more than enough. Don't you think?


Jennifer said…
They're gorgeous! I am so jealous - and I need to come out here and decorate my house, OK?
Love the idea! And the bright colors are a bold move indeed. I like that yellow one. You probably love that red chair because of the love that was involved with restoring. That's my theory.
Cari Hislop said…
I covet that purple one on the left!
Yummy! On my maternal line we have a congenital chair addiction.
I used to mock until I found I had inherited it I dream of the day I have a house full of chairs.

Six is definitely NOT enough! Widen that horizon Girl. You can make money selling funky refurbished chairs. Look up chairs on Etsy and think about starting your own could use the proceeds to buy more books and music...and more chairs.
Mamarazzi said…
LOVE the cute and charming!

I am stopping by to invite you to join my Red, White and Blue Swap...i am hoping as one of my fave swappers you will come play again! I am taking RSVPs now...HURRY!
Cannwin said…
Favorite!? ::blush:: well if you put it that way....

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