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Did you know that by simply logging out of an account you can view your online self the way other people do? On Facebook they even have a little button you can push that allows you to see your page the way most people see it.

It so easy. All you do is click a button or two and voila! there you are as you would be for the world at large. Seen for the moment from someone else's perspective.

It makes me wonder...

What would it be like to be able to click the 'log out' button of life?

Often times I find myself wondering how other people see me. What's their first impression? What personality type do they expect me to be?

What about my house? My kids? My relationship with Ralexwin?

It's not because I'm worried about how others perceive me... I'm just curious. Really curious.

As I've grown I've come to better understand how inaccurate first impressions can be. Some of my closest friends were, in the beginning, people I was in no way interested in spending my time with. Yet as the first impressions wore off I began to see who they really were and have come to truly enjoy their companionship.

The problem isn't that I don't know who I am, I do! I know what I bring to the table of friendship. I just don't know what people make of me at first contact.

And I'm really dying to know.

Do I seem stand-offish? Do I seem like the cheerleader type? Do Ralexwin and I make for a strange couple or a cute couple?

When seen from a distance, what is the first thing a person thinks of us?

Is my profile set to private? Or do I have my friends list, phone number and political preferences openly available to the mass populous?

Every once in a while I get a snippet of what that impression is. When Ralexwin was in Iraq and the Irish twins and I were alone together I knew I made for an interesting spectacle at church.

A seemingly single woman with two children. Where was the father? Why was she single? Was she ever married? Are her kids twins?

Don't you think it would be nice to see yourself that way? Perhaps it would make it easier for us to change and become better people. Perhaps it would destroy us.

What was your first impression of me? What was the most inaccurate first impression you ever had? Do you ever wonder?


I wonder this all the time myself, especially as we have just moved. Does our ward think we are active members or just there for the welfare? I almost feel like I have to work to prove myself to complete strangers.

I have to seem a different girl than the girl I knew way back in highschool. Knowing you in highschool, I had NO idea you had such a love of and talent for the literary arts.

I think most of the time I try to give people the benefit of trusting they are a good person when I met them. That got me in a lot of trouble in my AZ ward. There were several girls there that turned out to be veeeeeery different once I got to know them. Not pleasant, especially when I had already confided several things in them.
Polly Blevins said…
I don't remember my first impression of you. I think the fist time I met you was on Christmas morning when Relaxwin brought you home.
Cannwin said…
Polly, that morning was the first time Ralexwin ever told me he loved me!
Cannwin said…
Evelyn, I sometimes wonder what would have happened if my parents had encouraged that love when I was younger.
First of all, Great idea for a post!
When I look at YOUR profile I see a smile first and foremost. I think you are putting your BEST foot forward when you smile.

A smile is worth so much for some people. Feeling down?
Smile and see what others do.
It might just life you up.

Also laughing is in order too. not only does it burn calories but it makes you feel better. And who doesn't want to feel better, right?
I haven't actually met you IRL before just online. Unless you were at Casual Blogger Conf. And I didn't see you.
Were you at Casual Blogger CONF?
I think I got your blog off of MMB.
Cannwin said…
No CBC for me this year... maybe next :) But I do contribute to MMB

I got the post idea last night when I was trying to fall asleep... same with almost all my posts this week. I haven't been able to fall asleep easily lately. Possibly because of the mass of children in my bed.

heather said…
I've often been curious by the same thing.

The most inaccurate first impression I ever had... OH! I've got a pretty good story to go with that one... It's worth is very own post. Look for it. Soon.

The second most inaccurate first impression was my first day in our new ward after I got married. There was a girl there that pretty much looked like a Barbie. From her perfect blonde hair, and perfect white teeth down to her perfect tall leather boots.
I thought, well, there's someone that I probably won't be friends with... only then she befriended me & she ended up being one of my best friends in that ward.

Hmm... I think you've inspired TWO posts for me.
Emme said…
I hopped over here to thank you personally for the comment you left at my blog. It was so comforting to hear from another woman who shared some of my feelings. I responded at the post itself but I wasn't sure you would actually see it. I was planning to just send you an email til I could check out your blog later tonight. But, I got lured into your posts.

I am so glad I stopped by. You are an incredible writer, as many others have already stated:) I am looking forward to reading all of your posts.

This post in particular, how others see us, is so thought provoking. I'll be analyzing myself all day now. As for my impression of you...intelligent, interesting, creative, and definitely someone I'm looking forward to knowing better.
Cannwin said…
Thanks Emme, you have officially put a smile on my face.

I intend to read more of your blog as well.

Plus I sent it off to my sister for her to check out (we both married military men). I'm sure she'll be lurking around as well :)
thomas family said…
I often wonder about this same thing. I have been told several times by friends that their first impression of me was that I was stuck-up. It is frustrating because I am a very shy/reserved person and I usually have a hard time warming up to people until I have spent a little time around them.
I still struggle with shyness and I wonder sometimes if people think the same thing, that I am a snob.

By the way your family sat in front of us at church our first Sunday here and I remember that you were very friendly.

I have a few memorable inaccurate first impression moments in mind but both are too long to type here.
Jessica Bair said…
Some people think I'm intimidating when they first meet me. Not sure why they would think that. I guess that was in my younger days. Not sure what people think of me now.
Cannwin said…
-thomasfamily, I have always seen you as shy. Not snobbish, but quite and reserved. I've met snobs... you don't come across as one.

-Jessica, the first time I met you I was so completely shocked that you and your husband were married that it took me a few days to process.

Incidentally the first impression I had of the yockey boy was that he looked like Sylar. :)

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