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Crafting Advice

Since going crazy with the crafting stuff I've started accumulating a lot of odds and ends in the hopes of doing something with them.

The problem is that it's all fun and games until you can't find the living room.

So I've decided to put out advice feelers. What would you do with these things:

1. Window frame. My idea was to make it a coat rack thing (what do you call those?), but what would you do?

2. Single shutter.

3. This shutter folds down the center and is fairly small (note the height of the plug outlet).

4. The back of an old chair that fell apart. I loved this pattern so I didn't get rid of it... should I?

5. Small frame... 8x10 ish? I got it at Hobby Lobby for $3

6. Large frame, Hobby Lobby $3.

I'm going to add a Mr. Linky thing so if you have any ideas that have links tell me.

Otherwise lets open this up for a little crafty discussing!


Lisa said…
I saw someone turn the window frame into a picture frame. She put each family member into a different frame. It was cool. I think she used metal with magnets or floated the picture between glass. Can't remember. I saw it on a blog and could find the post if you're interested.
I'd donate it all to a crafter - I am SO not crafty :) I do like the picture frame idea. Or one of those fabric boards you can stick pictures on.
I say you should paint every single thing there a unifying color (depending on your home's color scheme), and make an eclectic gallery wall. Put pictures inside the window panes on the window, slide snapshots in the slats of the shutters, have some smaller frames inside larger frames, and the funky seat back as well.
Cari Hislop said…
The chair back for some reason made me think of a giant pin cushion with puffy fabric sections, but that would be a giant pin cushion. Then I thought, you could put magnetic panels behind the center and the two large outside holes and hang it on the wall in the kitchen to hold tacks, pins, diaper pins, or notes. Or you could take the chair back out into the countryside and have your kids find an interesting view through the holes and then take a picture of it...blow it up and put it behind the chair back on the wall. That would be funky family home evening memory. Or you could put it in the garden and plant different grass or flowers in the different sections.
You could use use all the frames in the garden...funky garden art! Plant art! ;)
thomas family said…
Not sure what I would do with the old window but I found this post that may or may not inspire you.
Cannwin said…
Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

Anne Marie, I love the idea. Ever since you posted it I've been staring at the frames trying to come up with what color to paint them. I even have a spot to put them, the problem is that the walls in that room are--are you ready?-- DEEP forest green. Hideous! But it's what I have to work with for the next year. So I'm mulling it over but I think you're idea was just what I needed! You are a genius :)

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