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The Doors

I'm so excited about this project and I've been itching to show you guys, but to be honest... this was an intense, long process. It's ready for you now, though, so can I present to you my accordion screen:

Lighter brown chair no longer exists... If you look closely it is borken.

Admittedly the idea of using full doors to make an accordion screen is not my idea. It's my friends, but the first day that I ever walked into her house I wished that I had always had some. So the search began.

Do you know what it's like trying to find old, free, usable doors? It took us a year!

The middle door we found when the next town over had their city wide cleanup. We got the funniest looks when we shoved that thing into my truck. The two outer doors I got when a family we know was renovating their two room school house-house.

Photo by Vicbowin
Now I can separate my workspace from the rest of the living room AND block out the insta-view people were getting of the kitchen. I still need to do a little more decorating of the doors, but I was so excited to have them up and working that I had to bring them in the house. Suggestions for perking them?

There's a goof hiding in this picture. Can you find her?
Here's my workspace. Quick tour:

*Desk was $15, I repainted it... it holds all my crafting stuff (and the bottom left hand drawer holds diapers, I am a mom after all).

*The chair was free... I traded a bunch of old window screens to my friend for it.

*My lovey-dovey laptop that was a mother's day present from Ralexwin a few years back.

*Next to the laptop is a signed copy of one of my favorite books sent to me by the author after I interviewed her for the Literary Soundtrack.

*Framed collage that I call the 'war wall.'

*Two star banner for my most beloved soldiers--Ralexwin and my brother.

*Towels on the floor from when I tried to shampoo the permanent marker out of the carpet (Mischievite).

So what do you think!? I've had mixed reviews on the doors, but I love them so I'm pretty unfazed by negative feedback.


Brynn said…
Well, I have to say that I like them. I saw where someone made a fence around their yard out of old doors. It was really cool but of course the neighbors complained. I wish I'd gotten to know you better when you lived in Livingston. You are so creative. Patti
That is right up my alley! Love it! You did a great job. Functional AND attractive!

I did a similar project with shutter like doors and hung pictures from them. Here's the link:

That blog is private. I can't remember if you have access or not. If not, let me know and I;ll sign you up.
Cannwin said…
I don't! ::grumble:: I feel so left out Evelyn ;)

Patti, the creativity may have been in my head but it's the lack of finances that have created the necessity needed to bring forth any hidden talents. :) In montana I would have just bought something.
Cari Hislop said…
I love your doors as a screen though I'm not into the distressed look. I'd have decoupaged one side and then have had something completely different on the other side like the same colours as the chairs at your dining table if they're visible from the screen. But then I love all things bright and shiny. I'm really into orange at the and pink. Which reminds me I need to go put some after sun on as we went to the beach. It was really windy. I probably have wind burn!
Jackie said…
I love them so much!
Myya said…
I think they look really great. What a fun, unique idea!

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