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Academy for Little Ladies-Session 1 Lesson 4

It's the final day of our first session of the Academy for Little Ladies. Can you believe how fast time flies?! We hope you've all made some great friends here and learned a few fun tips to making yourself a little more lady like.

 We know you're excited to hear some more about us so we won't keep you waiting any longer.

Vicbowin can read several books at once. Cannwin can only read one book at a time. Vicbowin is 21 years younger than her mother. Cannwin is 38 years younger than hers. Vicbowin will need braces someday, Cannwin has already had them (and still has nightmares about it).

Now on to lipstick.

Several stages go into making the perfect lips, but first you need to understand the reason we use lipstick. Lipstick is used to make your lips look more red. For any adults reading this it has to do with the birds and the bees and the hormones produced. For any children reading... it makes you look more lady like.

When applying lipstick you want your bottom lip to look slightly more plump than the top lip. You also want your lips to look puckered (like pucker up).

How Cannwin achieves this look is in three easy steps.

Step 1: Apply a darker lip liner and blend in. Cannwin never has lip liner so she quite literally uses a brown eyeliner pencil. Blending is important for this step, though, because you want your makeup to look natural and a big fat line across the bottom of your lip hardly looks natural.

Step 2: Don't go all the way to the edges of your lips. As stated before, imagine your lips puckered and  use that as a gauge. The upper lip line should fall short of the tips of your lips and vertical towards your bottom lip (make sense?)

Step 3: Apply more color to the bottom lip than the top. Finish up with chapstick or moisturizer and you are done.

Finally we can be done with makeup! With our easy process we promise you can look great in only minutes.

Let's see the difference, shall we.

And so we see... that little ladies rarely need anything to look marvelous.

Their mother's, however, could stand to do their makeup every morning. :)


Polly Blevins said…
I loved braces. I loved to change the colors to match the seasons. I must admit though, after one season of St. Patrick's Day, I never did green again. That was too food like and not costume like.

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