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How To Induce Pediatric Sucrose Coma: Sushi Style!

Welcome to Evelyn and my fourth week of blog swapping. This week we decided to do a 'How To.' I haven't read Evelyn's, but from the title I'm very intrigued. So I'm not going to waste to much time saying, be nice and don't forget to check my how to out at her blog Hanging by a Silver Lining.

I am beginning to think I am downright schizophrenic during this pregnancy. I am craving seafood like a crazy woman. But all at the same time, the thought of eating it twists my stomach enough to make me wonder if I need to make a dash for the toilet. The thirty seconds of a Red Lobster commercial is a confusing roller coaster ride of inner-conflict: "I want that! No I don't! My mouth is watering! Now it's watering because I'm going to puke! Yes! No! I JUST DON'T KNOW!!" To avoid the whole power struggle, I tend to just switch the channel whenever I see that crab-laden fork taking a buttery dive these days... *licking lips and clutching stomach simultaneously*

In a non-pregnant state, I am a huge fan of sushi. I believe half of you reading this just cheered and the other half gagged a bit. Have you ever tried sushi??? Don't knock it until you try it! Worried it's just a little too..."fishy"? There is so much more to sushi than raw fish. There's rice and veggies and yummy sauces and tempura batter (YUM!) and cream cheese (REALLY YUM!) and so much more.

Still a little too much of a culinary "scale" for you? ("Scale"! Get it?! he he he!) Why not give this version a go?

I present you with...Candy Sushi! I saw this on a morning news show years ago and the idea kind of stuck. I may or may not do it the way they did, but here's the how-to according to me:

1. Go to , create Glee station, and crank it up.

2. Demand your three little "helpers" wash their hands WITH soap AND water (Am I the only mom who has to clarify that every...single...time??)

3. Prepare one batch of krispie cereal marshmallow treats: In large glass bowl combine 1 bag of marshmallows and 1/2 cube butter. Microwave for two minutes. Stir. Add 6 cups of krispie rice cereal. Stir until marshmallows and cereal are thoroughly mixed.

4. Lay out supplies: plates for a work surface for the kids and Saran wrap for yourself, fruit roll-ups, bowl of prepared cereal/marshmallow mixture, various bowls of candy (I used colored Twizzlers, those fruit slices that probably don't have a lick of real fruit in them, gummy worms, and of course Swedish fish--Hey! If it's going to be sushi, we need to get our seafood in there somewhere!), knife and cutting board, and a plate for the finished product.

5. Take a deep breath and fully expect children to not comply with the "right" way to make candy sushi.

6. Take another breath and count to ten after yelling at children to stop grabbing at everything.

7. Take one more deep breath just in case...

8. Unwrap and unfold fruit roll-up. Place on Saran wrap. Smash layer of krispie cereal mixture evenly on fruit roll-up (Hint: wet your hands with water; this prevents sticking.)

9. Place desired candy filling on top of cereal mixture.

10. Use Saran wrap to "help" as you roll fruit roll-up into a round "log". Do this firmly; you don't want it to fall apart later when you try to cut it into slices.

11. Avoid temptation to cut your "sushi roll" until the cereal mixture has had some time to set up a bit. The wait is worth it! Trust me.

12. Meanwhile, help kids who are creating tsunamis instead of sushi. Again, ignore the desire to nag and lecture them on how "wrong" they are doing it. Allow them to express themselves creatively. Praise their efforts. Taking pictures helps.

13. Tell kids to stop eating so much candy whilst cramming a handful of cereal mixture into own mouth.

14. Once cereal mixture has had a chance to set up a bit, cut roll in half and then cut each half into halves. (I used mini fruit roll-ups so I only had to cut three times. If you use the standard size of roll-up you will want to cut more. Just use the half-rule: Cut it into half, cut those halves into halves, and so forth. Apparently, this is how the professionals do it. So this is how you MUST do it too. Okay...not really.)

15. Place on plate. Admire how cute your candy sushi looks. Feel sick from all the sugar that was consumed during the creative process. Decide they don't look all that appetizing anymore and bag up sushi rolls to be consumed after the kids go to bed another day.

16. Keep music cranked and encourage children to dance harder to burn off the sugar high that is beginning to set in.

17. Clean up sticky hands, sticky faces, sticky table, sticky dishes, sticky candy bags. Continue to find chunks of half-eaten sticky things throughout the rest of the day.

18. Decide it was worth it anyway.

So, you thought sushi was all about slimy fish, seaweed, and mystery ingredients, eh? You gotta give this version a try! And if you want a quick lesson on how to make VERY simple, real-ISH, homemade sushi, visit my blog, Hanging by a Silver Lining, tomorrow for a quick tutorial.



Cannwin said…
#13 is the best piece of instruction I've ever received!
Jennifer said…
That is so cute! I have got to try this.
SushiTail said…
Looks like the kids had a lot of fun. What a lovely bunch!
Amy said…
We love candy sushi! We make it every Halloween.
How cute! I'll have to try this one day...we kind of limit sweets but a kid's gotta live sometime, right?!
Sue said…
What a totally fun idea!

Myya said…
Adorable! What a fun idea. I was laughing pretty much the whole time I was reading it because I would be doing pretty much word for word what you typed, except I'd probably yell A LOT.

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