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Life in Our House

It is 8AM, I have been awake since 7AM. Currently Albowin is telling his father what a horrible dad he is for making him do chores.

Well, he's not really 'telling' him so much as yelling at him.

The Mischievite is sitting at the kitchen table with a bowl of his favorite cereal (Just Bunches) and a glass of his 'special' milk (whole milk).

Ralexwin, between dealing with grouchy Albowin is giving me anti-computer vibes.

Vicbowin has her radio on and is supposedly cleaning her room while listening to the morning show.

Remewin is wandering around bouncing from happy to sad depending on who has just walked past her.

And so our day begins.

Today I have lots to do.

*I have to round up all the library books--a chore in and of itself--and return them before any more fee's accrue.

*I have to manicure our hedge, that runs the length of our extremely long driveway.

*I have to clean out the sewing room before my friend Meaghan comes for her stuff (that's being stored in there) and see's how messy it's become over the summer.

Tomorrow is the Elementary School Open House where we find out who our teachers will be for the year. Tomorrow is the day before school starts.

It's a busy, busy week around here. With people coming in and out of the house as we all prepare for the coming school year.

We have two girls that live with us, in the basement, and they are getting ready as well. It's like a beehive of activity.

In my free time I am trying to crochet Remewin a hat for winter. I've messed up three times already and had to start over, but I will prevail!

Albowin is now blaming his aches and pains on his siblings.

I wonder sometimes at the miracle of life. I watch Vicbowin walk across the house and remember the tiny baby we brought home so many years ago. She'll be nine in two months and I just can't believe how fast that time has gone!

Someday soon Remewin will be the nine year old and Vicbowin will be eighteen... and I'll be 39.

Life is crazy fast.

I'm starting to realize how young you are, even when you're 'old.'


Ivy said…
Wow. 9 to 18!! That's a big age gap. I know, maybe I should've tried that to keep myself sane. Silly, insanity keeps people interested.

I just didn't realize that the girls had that big an age difference.

I do wonder sometimes if it's more difficult to have the kids close together or have a wide age range. I imagine that both come with their own set of challenges.
Anonymous said…
Wow. I typically have to do all these things and I work full time.
Cannwin said…
Anon... how interesting, so do I!
Meaghan said…
Oh my gosh. I miss you terribly! TOMORROW!!! :D

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