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Would it be odd for me to tell you that I accidentally spent $200 on school clothes?

I did.

But it's really not my fault!

I'll explain. Old Navy was having a sale so I bought a bunch of clothes online. I took all this time to make sure things fit right, and I got what I needed for the kids (not what I wanted). Then I clicked 'confirm order' and two things happened.

1) I realized I'd used the debit card instead of my Gap Card.

2) I didn't receive a email confirmation.

I probably would have cancelled the order, but I never got that option! I waited and waited for the email and it never came, so I called Old Navy.

The nice lady informed me that they were having some IT problems and that if the confirmation didn't come through in the next 24 hours then I could call back and they'd redo my order.

Catch that... REDO.

Well the email never came so I went up to that big city an hour from me and took the kids to A Children's Place. There we got lots of fun stuff (for cheaper) and went home with $100 less in the bank.

That was last Thursday.

Last night I got this in my email:


So now I've got an order coming to me from Old Navy and I have two options. Send it back or open it.

How many of you would be tempted to keep the package? I sure am. I even asked Ralexwin if he thought we should keep it. He said, sure.

But I have mixed emotions about this one though. I feel as if I've manipulated the situation.

Now all I can say is...those clothes sure better fit!


Pearl said…
It all comes down to how you'll after you open the box. Will you regret having done so?

Ah, questions!

Cannwin said…
Any regret will depend on if the clothes fit. If they don't fit there will be loads of regret. If they do then I'll be happy my kids have some new clothes.

ugh... so much drama! :)
Jackie said…
Well if they don't fit just take them to the store and you are only out shipping.
Cannwin said…
heh heh I didn't have to pay shipping. It was 30% off + free shipping.
Myya said…
Sooo annoying! I've had this happen before, not from Old Navy but from Target. My money is on you keeping them, It would be more of a pain to return... oh wait that is me being lazy.

Guess what... I just realized today that you comment back to people in your comments section. I just assumed you were someone who didn't comment back. Oops. Guess I'll have to come back & look when I leave a comment :)
Cannwin said…
Myya! You should click on the subscribe to comments option. I rarely get so many that it would be annoying in your email (not like some of those huge blogs where I don't dare click subscribe).

I'm glad you realized I was nice :) hehehe.

As for Old Navy, it IS a hassle. I live in a small town and the nearest O.N. is 1/2 hour away (I think--if not the closest is an hour away).

I wish I'd bought something for myself in that shipment, it would give me more reason to be excited for the package.
Emme said…
How tempting! I say don't even open the package up and just return it. Tuck the money back for next semester when the kids will need new clothes again. If you don't think the kiddies will grow that much then I would be lazy and just keep them. And I totally agree, it would be so much more tempting to keep them if they were for yourself. But clothes for yourself??? Surely I jest!
Cannwin said…
Surely! What sort of mother would be so selfish?!

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