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Night Stalker

Last night was one of those long, interesting nights where things that don't tend to happen all happen at once.

Take for example Vicbowin coming into my room at 11-ish to tell me she couldn't sleep. I got up to help her only to find her stripped down and shivering. 'Where are your clothes!?' I asked.

'They were wet,' came her half coherent reply.

It didn't cross my mind why they would be wet, I just went to her drawers to find some more. She has one of those beds with the drawers underneath so I had to lean down to dig, as I did so I put my hand on her mattress and discovered that it too was wet--soaked actually.

Shocked I asked, 'Did you wet your bed?'

'No.' She recoiled (groggily) at the thought.

I lifted the blankets... it was all wet. 'Did you spill your drink?'


Clearly she wasn't awake, and clearly she had no recollection of what had happened. I let it slide and allowed her to climb into bed with Ralexwin and me. That was the first strange occurrence. Vicbowin never in her life has wet her bed... nor does she typically sleep in our bed (it's too 'bunchy').

Not long after that Ralexwin got up and removed himself to the couch.

Then, about an hour after that, the Mischievite made his way to our bed as well.

THEN I woke up in need of the lou. As I was heading back to my bed--via the long dark hallway--the outline of a shadowed man appeared in front of me. I screeched in terror and threw my back against the wall.

Realizing what he had just done, Ralexwin threw his arms around me as I shivered with fright, clawing at his arm.

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.' He whispered.

'Not funny.' I mumbled as the adrenaline surged through me.

When I was calm I told him about his daughter, which surprised him just as much as it did me, then we kissed and he headed off to the couch and I went back to my overcrowded bed (beds are always overcrowded with children involved). As you can imagine, it took me a bit to fall back to sleep but finally I did.

Not long after that Vicbowin giggled and shook me. 'Mom, I was dreaming that I was throwing my Tickle Blanket and then I actually did. Can you grab it for me?'

I rolled over and pulled it off the floor.

'That's funny, huh Mom.'


'What time do you think it is?'


'Mom, I'm bored.'

'I'm not, so will you please let me sleep.'


Vicbowin shifted next to me.

She sniffled.

She snuggled down, then kicked her legs out of the covers.

'Aargh!' I cried, climbing out of bed.

'Where are you going!?' She asked excitedly, as if we were going on some excursion.

'To the bathroom.'

When I got back she had overtaken my spot.

'Scoot over.' I commanded. 'It's 6:30AM. You can go get ready if you're quiet.'

Vicbowin hopped out of bed.

Five minutes later Remewin was crying in her crib, awoken by her sister's "quiet" morning routine.

It's night like these that make me wonder what it means in the scriptures when it says that in death we 'shall find rest.'


Polly Blevins said…
You broke 100 followers! That sounds like a long exhausting night.
Lisa said…
Love those nights. It's funny how everything nasty happens in one night. My problem is that usually 1 night time waking turns into a nightly ritual... darn those kids!
Myya said…
When my oldest was about a year old I made a comment to my husbands cousin about how they rotate beds all night long & how kids end up in their bed or they in theirs... I laughed & them & said never will that be me!!! After #2 came I could choke myself some nights. Oh & then lately #3 with the teething. SERIOUSLY??? Even with a King size bed it is NOT fun with 1 sometimes 2 little ones sleeping completely sideways. Darn kids! :)

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