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No Longer Young

Today is my birthday.

(Or rather it will be my birthday when you read this... right now it is 10:59PM the night before my birthday)

I toyed with the idea of telling you all the wonderful things that have happened to me on this my thirtieth birthday, but then I remembered something.

I hate birthday's.

Well, no... I just hate my birthday.

It's not that I don't WANT to like my birthday, I truly do.

The reality is, however, that September rarely goes well for me.

I mean, take September 11th for example--right before my birthday.

My parents separated... 4 days before my 15th birthday.

My husband flat out missed two of my birthdays.

But I can't really fault him because I've actually forgotten one of them myself.

And school? Having a birthday at the beginning of a school year guarantee's you one thing--no one will notice. There's a higher chance of the summer birthdays being celebrated than the September ones. I tried to bypass this crack slipping once by having my own birthday party at home, I was probably nine... 2 kids showed up.

One job I had handed out free movie tickets to everyone on their birthdays. On my birthday they forgot... but I didn't make a fuss, because I'm used to it (and really, who says "Hey where's my present!?)

I've learned to cope with very little on this, my special, day.

I'm not trying to give some sort of hint, I'm just telling you. I don't tend to look forward to my birthday.

So today I am thirty. Today I officially move into the 'middle aged' section of life.

You know what I'm doing to celebrate? 

I'm going to the grocery store in the morning.
I'm going to lunch with a friend.

I'm taking the kids to the dentist--where Vicbowin will be getting four cavities filled.
(I completely scheduled it without realizing what I was doing.)

My mom always tells me that her thirties were the prime of her life. I've been clinging to that for a while now... hoping these yearly rituals might improve a little because seriously it's just ridiculous to have a list of reasons why you'd rather sleep through the anniversary of your birth.


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday!! Lunch with a friend sounds like a fun thing on a birthday. Hope you had a great time and a better than normal birthday.
Cari Hislop said…
Happy Birthday Esperity!!!!!

For someone 30 with four young're looking pretty darn gorgeous!!!!!

Take some time out to treat yourself to something something fun just for you!!!!

Also, remember birthdays are excellent excuses to not have to do boring chores. (At least that's how I've always viewed them) We celebrate your existence today...I'm glad you were born!!!!!
Polly Blevins said…
Just so you know, I logged on just to tell you happy birthday. I didn't know you were going to do a post on it. You are not forgotten in GA! Happy birthday and I hope it is better than any other you have ever had. I have been pushed to the side with my Sept. birthday too but I figured it as a great thing. 3 marriages, 1 missionary leaving and returning, and of course, tons of babies being born.
Myya said…
Hope you had a great Birthday! If I lived by you, you would love your Birthday. I'd bring you doughnuts & coffee in the morning. Your kids would make you all kinds of kid crafty things... my kids live & breath that annoying crafty stuff you just wanna throw away but they LOVE it. Anyways... one day you are going to have an amazing Birthday & I so hope that it is soon!! :)
Emme said…
I hope you had a wonderful birthday despite the dentist visit (kids+dentist=YIKES!).

Thirty is a turning point for sure. You are no longer considered young except to 80 year olds. (I know this because I am 35!) Yet you are still young enough to accomplish any crazy dreams you have from childhood.

Welcome to the Thirties!! I hope you enjoy it here.
Charlotte said…
I almost share a birthday with you. Birthdays have never been a big deal for me, and now I wonder if it is the time of year that makes me that way. Anyway, happy late birthday. My present was a lunch with friends before hauling all the kids to piano lessons.

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