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Q & A Tag

1. Did you swear you'd never do something when you became a parent and now find yourself doing? Fess up.

I swore my kids would never be the ones with the messy faces and snotty noses. I just knew I wouldn't let my kids wander around looking like the grapes of wrath. I thought to myself, 'Why do parents let their children go around looking like that!?'

Now I know and I don 't care what other non-mom's think.

2. If you could only eat three foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Homemade Mac & Cheese
Parmesan Chicken

3. Retell your worst dating experience.
Worst? Hmm, there was that one time I ended up on a blind date (that I didn't want to go on but had been pressured into) doubling with my ex-boyfriend and the girl he dumped me for. It was horrible. I had said no to the date like 5 times and then my ex showed up with the guy at my house... insisting that I come. I'm sure the new girlfriend remembers it just as much as I do. Neither of us was happy with the situation.

4. What was the most recent thing that made you cry?
I cried when I gave Ralexwin his anniversary present. I'm a big baby.

5. Favorite childhood memory. Go!None. :) I honestly can't think of one off the top of my head....probably because the date question came first and so I'm thinking teen years and those weren't fun for me.

6. What piece of advice have you received that you will NEVER forget? Good or bad.When I was about to get married--'Never fight with your clothes on.' Funniest advice I've ever had.

7. You're driving, approaching an intersection and the light is yellow. What do you do? Would your answer change if your kids weren't in the back seats? Would your answer change if your mother-in-law was in the passenger seat?
Totally depends on how far from the intersection I am, but I have to admit it's likely I'd speed up, regardless of my passengers... which is one of the reasons I don't drive when Ralexwin is in the car. I terrify him.

8. What do you do to keep your eye on the prize when it all just gets to be too much?

I endure. I acknowledge that I can't change what's going on, I cry it out, I wish I was asleep instead of dealing with it and sometimes I even try to bury my head in the sand... but then I realize that none of that is going to work so I just endure it until the storm has passed.

So now I guess I'm supposed to tag eight people and then give eight questions. Yeah, that's not hard at all.  -note thick sarcasm-

Umm.... if you want to play go ahead, otherwise I'm okay with you snubbing me. :)
1. House of Sarager
2. Rowdy Stroudy's
3. Amy
4. . . .

Oh I don't know! If you see this and want to you're tagged.


1. What did you want to be when you grew up?

2. Tell us about your first crush. How old were you? Who was it?

3. What 'horrid' disciplinary action are you guilty of with your children?

4. Have you ever been out of the country? Where?

5. Do you shave as often as you should?

6. Have you ever been in a physical altercation?

7. Did you ever date two guys at once... secretly?

8. If you were to give advice about marriage to a young adult what would it be?


Claire Wessel said…
So, if I were to answer those questions, I think all my past delinquent behavior would be hanging out there for the world to see. Was that the point? Do you wonder what secrets your bloggy friends are hiding? I'm thinking of starting a more anonymous blog about my teenage awfulness just because most of it involved a significant life lesson or seriously random/funny events. The thing is that I wouldn't really want that stuff associated with the me of today, who is very different from the me of yesterday.

I flipped out at Crimson for asking to eat jail food the other day. She asked for the item and I swung around and said "Who taught you to eat that!!??" and then proceeded to lecture her on the fact that food should only be eaten that way by previously incarcerated ppl or ppl who are currently incarcerated. Then I ended up feeling like a jerk and told her she can eat it when I'm not home. lol
Yikes! I thought most people liked these. Guess not. haha
Myya said…
GREAT answers... you made me laugh! I have been tagged by 3 different people & I feel horrible but I just have not had the time to actually do them. Maybe one day... or not :)
Cannwin said…
Evelyn I love answering questions! I really do, I just hate trying to come up with people to tag forward. :)

Thanks for thinking of me... it's fun.
Jackie said…
I love your blog. And it looks lovely! You are so fantastic. It looks great.

Not sure if I told you this because I got sick and things are sort of a blur, but I LOVED your 10 stories posts. They were SO FUN to read!
Jessica Bair said…
1.) I wanted to be a marine the next Jacque Cousteau.

2.) Well, I've had LOTS of crushes but I guess the first I remember was being on a kid I knew in first grade. Josh Murtha was his name. He was good at sports and was a very fast runner. I used to chase him on the playground:) Years later we ended up at the same alternative school. He had become quite the "coke head". Glad that never turned into anything.

3.)I don't do anything terrible like, holding them over the basement stairs, threatening to drop them if they don't shut up...that was done to me as a kid. I just feel bad after I've really lost my cool. Sometimes I'll hear one of them in their room really crying, but trying not to be heard. That's when I feel like a terrible mom. I remember the way I felt as a kid, sobbing in my room. Not for attention, but because my feelings had really been hurt. When that happens with my kids, I scoop them up and apologize and let them know that I still REALLY LOVE THEM!

4.)I've been out of the country but not off the continent. I went to Cancun when I graduated from high school. I won't go into any details with that one:) I also went to Canada for my sister-in-laws wedding.

5.)I used to shave almost everyday. Now that I have 4 kids and a home to keep up with, the pits and legs have been put on the back burner. Poor Sam sometimes has a wife that looks like a cavewoman. That's why we keep the lights off right? Wait...that's so he doesn't see the chub:)

6.) Yes...I've given a few bloody noses, fat lips, and pounded a dudes nuts.

7.)Yes...not going into details on that either.

8.) If you BOTH try your hardest to think of the other spouse and to make sure they are happy, then you both will be happy. DON'T BE SELFISH!!!!

That was fun! Thanks Charity.

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