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Someboday Call Alamo

Today we had this wild rain storm. I love wild rain storms, but this one had a bit of a punch to it.

It started out as a pretty nice day--the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the mosquitoes were eating...

I hauled the kids to our car for some much needed errand running.

Then the sky turned black and the only thing left around was those dang mosquitoes.

By the time I had driven the 10-ish blocks to my friends house (to loan her our lawn-mower) the rain was coming down pretty heavy, but nothing a light jacket wouldn't fix.

Second I had to go drop some papers off at a government office about five blocks away from my friends.

By the time I pulled into the parking lot I had to brace myself for the dash inside. When I reached the door my hair was dripping.

I stayed inside for about 5 minutes and when I came out the sky had lightened up a bit. The rain had settled to a steady pour but in the distance I could hear a distinct "thump.... thump.... thump" of hail stones hitting metal.

Not wanting to be end up as the unlucky target of any falling ice balls I hurried into the car.

That's all I really needed to do so I drove back to the house, ran inside, changed clothes, wrung out myhair and settled cozily in for a rainy afternoon.

About a half hour later I noticed the white spots dotting my yard. 

I had to get a picture.

Evidently the town got whalloped.... everywhere except right smack dab in the center where I was.

Dang it. I always miss the good stuff.

Except then I started digging around on the internet for pictures... Maybe it wasn't such good stuff.

Image from

Then I got a look at my roommates car.

1 of 3 similar cracks.
I'm still a little miffed about missing out.... imagine what it would have been like to show you a picture of me holding one of those things!

Jenny Matlock


Terra said…
OH MAN! What a day for sure. Glad you didn't get walloped in the head!!!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
Wow! They are huge! The car will really have to be fixed.
Teresa said…
That must have been quite the storm. Glad you missed it. That is some serious hail.
A 2 Z said…
That's quite some experience. U used to live in Alberta and once in a while we would get gigantic hail. I just remember the noise it made when it would hit the house and car. I'm happy that you and your children were safe.

Mumsy said…
Wow..I haven't seen anything so big like those..Glad you're safe!
Sue said…
Sheesh! That could seriously hurt someone! Crazy hail you've got there.

Crazy! We had a hail storm last night also, but nothing like that one...Wow!
Write Chick said…
Wow! Those are gigantic. I've never seen hail like that in my whole life. Scary. But I agree. It's a bummer to always miss out on the cool, dangerous stuff. :-)
Myya said…
Holy cow that is just crazy!
Jenny said…
Oh my! That looks really dangerous. I remember big hail falling back in Ohio so this post brought back a lot of memories.

Your ring looks really pretty. You'll have to show us a picture of the front sometime!

Thanks for an interesting link to Alphabe-Thursday.

I enjoyed my stop here this week.


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