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Yesterday I stubbed my toe and not just a little bump against the wall. It was a full out slam my foot against the corner and crumble to the ground. The sort of contact that you just know means you've disconnected your nail. Except my toe-nail is fine.. it's the chunk of skin in front of my nail that isn't doing so well.

Stubbing my toe always makes me think of the book 'Elantris' by Brandon Sanderson:
"It's my toe!" Raoden said, limping across the slippery cobblestones. "There's something wrong with it--I stubbed it when I fell, but the pain isn't going away."

Galladon shook his head ruefully. "Welcome to Elantris, sule. You're dead--You're body won't repair itself like it should."

"What?" Raoden flopped to the ground next to Galladon's steps. His toe continued to hurt with pain as sharp as the moment he stubbed it.

"Every pain, sule," Galladon whispered. "Every cut, every nick, every bruise, and every ache--they will stay with you until you go mad from the suffering. As I said, welcome to Elantris."
So I lay there, trying to breath through the heat emanating out of this tiny spot of my body, thinking about how at least the pain will go away and I'm not stuck in Elantris.

It was Remewin's smelly diaper that finally roused me back into reality. I hobbled over to her and attempted to change her. The problem is that Remewin has had this nasty rash (again) and the contact of the baby wipe against her bottom made her suck her breath in and screech.

I decided to give her a bath instead. So I hobbled back over to the bathroom and filled it with water. While she splashed away I bandaged my aching pinkie toe... it took me three bandaids.

After the bath Remewin went down for a nap. When I woke her an hour later her body was covered in the rash.

I called the doctor but it was too late in the afternoon so they promised to call in the morning.

Ten minutes later I stubbed my toe again. Have you ever done that? Stubbed the same toe twice in one day? I'd recommend not trying it.

I spent a good minute on the ground muttering expletives and exclamations under my breath. I clearly remember shouting 'Heaven and Earth who put that door there!?'

No one answered.

It's possible that I might have come across as a bit of a baby.

But baby I am not!

Babies are the ones that get slathered with diaper cream  before bedtime while their mom's pray for their relief.

Babies are the ones who get to wake in the morning an epidermis miraculously clear of any rash while their mothers have toes that feel (and look) like a newly ground sausage.


Polly Blevins said…
I LOVE your picture at the top.
Cannwin said…
Thanks! I'm getting better at taking only a few shots to get what I want. One more talent I never knew a mother acquired. :)
Jessica Bair said…
Yesterday I banged my funny bone REALLY hard and after recovering I was walking to the living room and stubbed my toe on the kitchen table really frickin hard. NOT FUN. When I was a kid my mom was cutting potatoes and sliced her finger pretty bad. The next day she slammed that finger in the front door. She cried....
Lisa said…
LOL! I had that EXACT day like 2 weeks ago! Hope your toe gets better! (And so glad your expletives are so sweet! :)
Totally cute picture.

And yes, I have stubbed my toe twice in one day.

I have more reasons than mere vanity for despising them.

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