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Autumn Leaves

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Fall? I really do.

It makes me feel so alive and vibrant. The way the leaves fall onto the green grass and how everything has a certain calm before the storm feel to it. I love the crisp air that requires me to pull out my sweaters, sweatshirts, socks and boots.

It all stirs up a fire inside my soul and heats me from the inside out.

Except this fall I'm in a form of mourning. This will be my last real fall for a long time. Ralexwin plans on moving us all to St. George, Utah where there is only two types of weather--sunny and sunnier. There will be no leaves falling on green grass, no crisp October mornings, no need for my brand new scarf or my trusty old gloves.

I'm sad about it.

However exciting moving is I have to admit I will be sad to leave South Dakota. I truly love it here and I will miss it.

I will miss the safety it provides my children.

I will miss the weather and the trees above my head; the grass and the nearly black earth beneath my toes.

I will miss so much that I am loathe to leave it at all. Yet it's bound to happen so I mourn the falling leaves and the quiet, crisp air. I mourn and I hide inside of my house hoping it will pass me by without me having to truly bear the loss.


Myya said…
Fall is so beautiful. I could do without so much rain though! Sunny & Sunnier... that can't be all bad :)
Charlotte said…
This is my last fall in New England before I move to a desert. I am enjoying it, but I was hoping for the most spectacular of autumns and that isn't happening. I will definitely miss it!
Oh no! Now you have to go back to Arizona, just north. Ugh!!
Andrea said…
I still remember some of the last fall days I enjoyed in South Dakota. I moved away when I was eighteen. Lovely photograph. Thanks.
Cannwin said…
Thanks. The photo actually doesn't even do the tree justice but there were these kids riding their tricycles around and all I could imagine was their mother panicking at my camera in their vicinity. :)

I looked at your bio. Oregon huh? Love it. My parents are both from there and I grew up spending my summers in Portland and on the coast. To this day I still miss it, especially when it rains.

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