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Idea's and Inspiration

Have you ever seen those blog posts where the person takes a collage of things they like and then tells you about each and every one? This is one of those posts...

And since I now know how much effort it takes to create said collage, I'm expecting you to take the time to look at this conglomeration of photo's from my Idea's and Inspiration file on my laptop.

I can't remember where I got all of these photos, so if you see one you recognize please tell me so I can give credit where credit is much deserved.

So, here we go:
1. Soft baskets are one of those ideas that I love, but have yet to create. It's like the cheap way to get what I want... baskets! Image source (and tutorial): Image source:

2. I love, love, love the notion of built in bookshelves, big windows and cozy reading benches overlooking vine covered gardens. Image source: Not Sure

3. Crazy quilts have become a new fascination with me, and I just recently figured out how they are made. I came across this idea at Anthropologie the other day... a crazy quilt out of sweaters. MMM, comfy much? Image source:

4. In this picture it's the shelf that I love. I don't know if I'd ever us it in my own house, but I like the feel it generates. Image source:  Not Sure

5 & 46. When I saw these dressers I knew I had to create my own. Now I'm constantly on the look out for drawers with character.... if you have any you want to give me ::wink-wink:: Image Source:

6. I don't particularly like this fabric, but I like the idea. Imagine me in the near future attempting to make something of this sort. Image Source:

7. Georgious wallpaper by Anthropologie. This inspired me, although I haven't done it yet, it would be super cute to take an image akin to this paper and print it onto several canvas sheets and then hang on a wall (kind of like #37). Image Source:

8. Could I make this out of old clothes? Could you? Image Source:

9. ::sigh:: Bookmarks. Image Source: Not sure.

10, 13, 33, 38 & 42. Wireworking sounds like so much fun. Dangerous fun that's bound to fill my house with wire at every corner. Try handmade paper clips, paper holders, or yarn containers. Images Source:

11. Another use for wire is to make hair decorations. Likes these butterflies attached to bobby pins. To bad I don't have her hair. Image Source:

12. If I only had a brooch... or a hundred. Image Source:

13. See #10

14 & 31. Beautiful bracelets can be found in every nook and cranny of Etsy, like these two by the same artist. Image Source:

15 & 21 I saw these just last week. Genius? It makes me want to redo my key holder-thingy. Mason jars are so dang useful.... you know, beyond just as cups. :) Image Source:

16. Hardwood floors and twin sized beds. This is what I imagine my girls room looking like. Image Source: Not Sure

17 & 25. What can I say, I'm a fool for organizational beauty.  Image Source: and

18. I have this dream of one day having a movie room/hang out room that resembles a Persian tent. Pillows and rugs lining every corner (no chairs) blankets and wall hangings in the brightest cloth and the most ornate designs. Wouldn't that be just the best way to watch a movie? ::sigh:: Someday... someday. Image Source: Not Sure

19. Dream home Image Source:

20 & 40.  I love wreaths, but  this is way out of my league. I'm going to have to work at making it in my league (minus the fake animal... it's a little creepy). Image Source:

21. See #15

22. Vintage door art... much to pricey for my little piggy bank. Image Source:

23. This is one of my favorite idea's I never knew I needed until  I saw it. I'm not a huge apron wearer, but I sure do love the beauty so many people can create within the realm of apron design. (see #30). So when I stumbled into this dining room my heart knew it for it was... a reason to make aprons. In the back corner by the window there is a mannequin, on the mannequin is an apron (and some jewelry). If you follow the blog 'The Old White Cottage' you would see that she intermittently has changed out the apron's. LOVE IT! When I have my new house (where ever that may be) I'm totally doing this... you know, when I find a mannequin. Image Source:

24. Yellow and plum... a very nice combination. Image Source:

25. See #17

26. Okay, seriously one of the most creative things I've ever run across online. If you only click on one link in this post... this should be it. Image Source:

27 & 29. Buttons are great. I love how versatile they are... not only useful, but pretty as well. This is a great idea for displaying them (if you happen to have a massive amount of them--which I do not). Image Source:

28. Anthropologie again... Sweater skirt that I want to try my hand at knocking-off. Image Source:

29. See #27.

30. See #23.

31. See #14.

Image Source: Not Sure

33. See #10

34. Lace on the front of a dress. Very nice. Image Source:

35. Wait... maybe this is my dream house. Image Source:

36. Are you getting bored yet? Whew this is taking a long time.... what was I thinking!? This is the cabin I wish I had up in the mountains away from it all. Image Source:

37. Phew! Almost there. Love this artwork.... take a closer look why don't ya? Image Source: Not Sure

38. See #10

39. Crazy quilt crochet style. All it would take for me to do this is a little yarn and a little time. Hmm. Image Source:

40. See #20.

41. Okay, this is my favorite, longest lasting picture in my file. I want this headboard bad. It's a fence! A fence! How much easier can it get? All I'm waiting for now is the opportunity. Image Source:

42. See #10.

43. Lovely skirt. I made a shorter version of this recently, but then I thought maybe I wanted a long one as well. :) Image Source:

44. Hmm, maybe this is my dream home. Image Source:

45. A masquerade... umm, mask?... out of jean. Image Source:

46. See #5

47. See #24

48. I don't know what it is that strikes me about this image, but I am starting to see a pattern in the 'inspiration' I pick--old, solid wood, light walls and bright colors. Image Source:

49. Another mannequin. This time adorned in jewelry. The decorating potential if I only had a mannequin!!! Image Source:

So, what do you think? Did I just kill you? Are you still here? Anyone... Hello? :)

Someone should askcannwin where she got all these pictures so she has something to blog about over there... also... maybe someone should ask her about the best online clothes boutiques that she knows of. Hmm, I'm sure you can come up with all kinds of questions to ask her!


Jackie said…
I have been wanting #39 fora while now, but only it goes on sale for like 20 bucks.
Anonymous said…
This looks like it took a lot of time to put together. It turned out really well.
Lisa said…
I LOVE all those! So cute! Have you ever checked Definitely one of my fave sites for do-it-yourself furniture plans. She incorporates some of the things you want! Check it out! :)
Cannwin said…
Ivy, way to much time. But the collage itself was the easiest part. The hard part was finding the links, I couldn't remember half of them, but I prevailed! I'm glad you liked it.

I do follow ana-white although I refrain from delving to thoroughly since we're in a purge mode in our home right now (prepping for a move).

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