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Let's Be Honest

I'm over at all4speakers again today. I thought I'd tell you a little about how I know Terésa. It's actually an intriguing story that I'm not sure she wants me telling you all about, we'll leave the nitty gritty details to her... but I'll give you the simplified version. In high school you couldn't have picked two more opposing forces than us--the phrase 'arch-enemy' comes to mind--then we grew up and wonder of wonders discovered that we should have been friends all along!
Thus we now spend our time laughing and joking and loving our friendship, all via email because I think we're both still a little nervous to face each other. :)

Anyway here's the post of the week. Enjoy! 

I used to clean houses... for a JOB. That's right I used to get paid to clean other peoples houses. 

It wasn't too bad. Most of the people were weekly (some twice a week) clients, so everything was quick and easy enough. There wasn't build up of dirt and grime, just the last weeks worth of dirt that was easily enough cleaned up.
Even though I was grateful for the employment, I did think as I mopped floors, and washed down bathtubs, 'Honestly, you need to pay me X amount of $ to come clean your house?' 

Honestly? It was probably one of the best jobs I could have had to prepare me to be a stay at home mom. I learned how to clean fast and efficiently. To clean to others standards. That if I kept on top of the work it stayed simple enough. 

Honestly? If I clean my house now to the degree I cleaned others houses then, even treating it as a part time job, I would probably run out of things to do instead of time to do it.

Honestly? It totally burned me out on house cleaning. After cleaning other peoples homes for 8+ hours a day, the last thing I wanted to do was to go home and clean my own house. You know, like the carpenter who wont pick up a hammer in his own home, or the chef who always eats out.

I came across this blog a few months ago while I was looking for some inspiration to organize my day (and house) a little more. The name hit me first, but immediately I liked it The Professional Family Manager

In her blog she states, "Mothering is a career. Mothering is a job. It’s time we start treating Mothering as a career, and treating ourselves as professional career women."  
Yes I liked her from the beginning. While reading about how she goes about her day she explains that she cleans her house to 'the perspective of a cleaning service' (I'm only minutely touching on her blog, but it is really something inspirational- so go check it out.) Well, this got me thinking. 

Honestly, my house isn't as clean as it could be.

Honestly, if I had a routine, things would go a lot easier.

Honestly, I need to start thinking of myself as a Professional Family Manager, as well as a Stay at home mom. 


When I saw you were writing a post entitled Let's Be Honest and it was bout cleaning other people's houses, I thought you were going to dish on skeletons in the closet. I bet housecleaners find iiiiiiintersting things in their line of work. haha
Terésa said…
OH! That is a good idea for a post! But it might take some brain wracking... that was 10 years ago. ;)
Myya said…
I would so much rather clean someone elses house then my own. Sad isn't that!

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