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Comment Party

Let's spend some time today discussing publicity of a blog.

According to my statistics there are:

The Great and Random Ramblings of Cannwin
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107 of you who 'Follow' me.

135 of you who 'Feedburn' me.

68 who 'Facebook' me.

And yet on those same stats it says that I get less than 30 hits on my blog a day.


What's the trick?

What does a girl, a blogger, need to do to lure in more people?

I've tried link parties... they don't seem to be so popular.

I've done the whole comment on other blogs thing.

And yet after three years of blogging that is all I have to show for it.

Don't get me wrong. I love, love, love, love, love blogging.

But I would also love, love, love readers.

So today I'm going to do a comment party, a call for attendance if you will.

It's not hard and it will only take a minute of your time. You answer one (or all) of four questions:

1. What is your blog all about? (link please)

2. What can a person do to drive up readership? Great link right here

3. How can I convince you to tell a friend?

4. Do you have a link button? Do you want to swap buttons?

So, lets do this! Lets get those followers up there. If we work together it's entirely possible that we can drive up our readership.


Saimi said…
First off, I'm all about followers but It's the quality of followers rather than the quantity. I truly love to read every blog I follow and I'm a comment hound so you can bet you'll get a comment from me.

The thing is, I also know if a person knows you are generally interested in their blog they will be kind enough to do the same on yours. Over time, my followers and people I follow become more of friends to me.

My blog is random. I post about family, funny things that happen, my pets, things that touch me in an emotional way, or just things that come to mind.

I also have a preschool blog that I post about the day and life of little preschoolers.

I've done the 'Friday follow' thing but I've found that becomes more of a numbers game.

Good luck in your quest and know that I'm on board!
iamwoman said…
I know it's hard to not see a lot of interest if the "list" shows differently, but I have also come to realize that it just doesn't matter that much. I had to sit back and figure out why I was posting (and this is for me personally) and although feedback is lovely, and very much wanted, it's more important for me to just be myself, followers--or daily lookers--or not.

I have approached the idea of really trying to make money with my blog. The idea is not out of the picture, but if I have to entirely change my content to get people to come look over here then I am afraid that will change me and my purpose.

This probably doesn't help, but I guess what I am trying to say is that just being yourself and doing what you are doing is great--regardless of readership;)
Cannwin said…
Lovely put.. both of you, thankyou :)
Anonymous said…
Hi, you've commented at mine, but here's the link again:

Not sure what the plans are for mine, I mention in the first post that's it's more of a way for me to express myself. I too and more interested in the quality of the followers/comments. I don't care who reads it, but it's nice when they do!

I only have like 120 FB friends, half of which are family, so it's not like I can really spread the word. Not sure how many actually read blogs.

I added you to my fave list, BTW. :)
1. You know what I am all about.

2. When you figure it out let me know.

3. I tell people about you sometimes.

4. I have a button and you already have it.

I get frustrated with blogging especailly since I went private. I feel like I can't share some of the things I REALLY want to and that I am trying too hard sometimes so to speak. I have this fear that once the baby comes, my blog will dwindle into nothingness. I already notice when I don't do the rounds of reading and commenting on others for a day or two that my daily numbers go waaaaay down. I know it should be give and take, but sometimes I wish I could be a CJane or Pioneer Woman. I bet they do very little return blog surfing... Is that selfish of me.

P.S. I notice when you make a comment on my blog, I can't reply directly back to you through email. You have a no-reply email. Is that intentional? Did you realize you can set it up to be able to responded to.

P.P.S. I like to get responses from you, but I have a hard time remembering to check the comments of YOUR blog once I have. Have you thought about changing how you reply to questions?
Claire Wessel said…
If you want hits, start blogging exclusively about Justin Bieber. I bet you $5 that it will work...(of course then I'll stop reading)
Jackie said…
I also see that you have 119 google readers.

You are awesome.

I always get more comments when I comment a lot.
Cannwin said…
Evelyn. I did not know about the email reply thing, how do you do that?!

Hmm, I hadn't thought to send my replies to the persons blog, I always like to have the topic flow through on my comments so that when I can afford to ever print my blog the comments will fit nicely. :)

I haven't been commenting on blogs alot lately, I should do so more.

As for the baby, schedule a 'maternity leave' that's what I did. One month that I didn't blog or had my sister do it for me. You could try doing something like arranging guest posts. That way it will all be set up before you go into labor and you won't have to worry about it!
Sarah said…
Followers? Who cares about followers?? Are you trying to take over the world or something?
Cannwin said…
Sarah, now I'm just going to have to kill you. Sorry, but now that you know....

Lisa said…
Hey! I love your blog. Evelyn told me about it. :)
1. My blog is pretty much my family with some of my ramblings thrown in for good measure. But I want a blog more like yours - just not sure how to go about it.
2. Drive up readership? Well, I have no idea. I don't even keep track of how many see mine. Not smart enough to figure all that out. And what is 'feedburn' exactly?
3. Usually to 'tell a friend' I quote something you've said or done and link it back to your site. I can't say that I've ever been so exact about referring people to a blog.
4. I don't have a button. I follow so many blogs that have buttons that it makes me think I need a separate blog just for the buttons I'd get! I DO have a blog roll that I use to know when someone has updated, though.
Good luck! And when you figure out the e-mail thing Evelyn was talking about, let me know! I'd like to know where to change that!
Mandy said…
I just found your blog, actually I just found a ton of blogs. I am loving the blogging world!

1. My blog started out because I just needed a place to put down my thoughts, an outlet. I talk about learning how to be in an adult relationship, I am only 21. As well as how to deal with being in a military relationship. Basically, its just about my life. I would love for you to stop over :)

2. I have no idea how to drive up readership.

3&4. I dont have a button but I will totally put your button on my blog.
Cannwin said…
Thanks for the comments Lisa and Mandy....

Lisa, hoe I go about having this blog this way is that I'm crazy in love with writing. Perhaps I'm a little enamored with my own words (perhaps, not saying I am for sure) and that just helps me write.

I've always had a thirst for words though and a blog is the perfect outlet for it. I have yet to tire of it. It's not a chore nor is it something I dread. I look forward to it each and every day. No matter what I write about.

PS. I barely understand Feedburner so I'm not sure I could explain it.... it's like 'following' but not. ::shrug::


Welcome, I hope you stick around. Thanks for the space on your blog, I'm totally loving it. You should totally pack your bags and head to Hawaii!!!! I'd be so incredibly jealous of you I can't even begin to express it. :) Especially now that the winter is setting in.
Myya said…
I usually always leave you a comment. I think if you follow someone, you should read & COMMENT on their posts. When I first started I wanted a ton of followers but now that I;ve been doing this for a little while I've figured out that the followers just come when they come. I feel like most of mine are also "friends" I chat with them on e-mail or even just through comments we just try to get to know each other. I totally agree with Evelyn about the e-mail reply thing, I have a really hard time remembering to come back & check to see if you left a comment back to me on the comment I left you. Ok so to answer your questions :)
1. My blog is about being a mom. It is about my girls & basically just what happens in life.
2. I think the best way to drive up readership is to comment & continue comment on someones blog.
3. I heard about you from Evelyn so I think you just tell about people when it comes up.
4. I don't have a button, BUT I just won a blog makeover & I should be getting one very soon. YAY!
Good Luck!!!
Cannwin said…

You won a blog makeover!? How awesome!

The Pink Fig is having a giveaway for some quilts that I want to enter, but I have no hope of winning... I never win such things.

I'm totally jealous now. :)

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