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10 things you didn't know about me but wish you had 
or maybe not.

1. I had my first child when I was 21. (My second when I was 22).

2. I suffer from extremely violent nightmares that my husband usually has to wake me up from.

3. I have never taken a Geometry class (not even in high school).

4. My first memory consists of me climbing out of my crib and then promptly knocking a bookshelf full of canned foods on top of myself.

5. The laundry turn-around-time in my house is about 1 month.

6. I don't have any TV channels and don't ever want any.

7. I have had a blood transfusion. (Half of you just rolled your eyes because you know I love to mention that).

8. Once, when I was a teenager (16 or 17) I ran away from home in my mom's car, got lost and then ran out of gas. I ended up having to hitch a ride to a pay phone to call home for help. It was a pride-killing moment.

9. When I was 18 I kissed a 27 year old Italian guy (whose name I think was Gigi) in a little town just outside of Venice.

10. I once had an Airport Security Guard ask me what age my children were. I miss heard him and thought he'd asked me what color they were (I was coming off of a long overseas flight). I responded in a shocked voice, "Umm, white." A very awkward moment followed.


Saimi said…
It's always good to know who your friends are, right?

Thanks for sharing! We don't have any t.v. channels either!!
Myya said…
The nightmares sound crazy awful! I can't imagine being able to remember back that long ago... I have tiny snipits of memories here & there but mostly I'm a memory loser. Ohhh & the 27 year old Itailan guy... ooohhh laaa laaa : )
Cannwin said…
Myya, if you had a traumatic experience with canned food you would probably remember it too. :)

The nightmares are awful!

And I know, huh, isn't that such a great first scene for a book? 'His name was Gigi and he was 27.' It wasn't quite that exciting in real life though. :)
Lisa said…
LOL!!!! I love it! It's nice to get to know random thoughts about people I don't know but yet I do!

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