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Have you guys ever heard of Tumblr?

I honestly hadn't until like three days ago, and I've decided it's the best internet spot on earth... besides here.

It's like twitter, blogger, and facebook all in one and the best thing is you can feed all of those things into each other using Tumblr.

So, that's what I've done. I have all of my blogs (askcannwin, literarysoundtrack and here) all feeding into Tumblr which feeds into my Twitter account--that up until now was getting 0 use.

I can click on a little button in my bookmarks bar and insta-share anything I love online... quotes, photos, websites, even videos.

I'm still trying to figure it all out, but if you were wanting a little more about who's the who behind this blog you should go check me out over there.

Then follow me (or however it works over there). Maybe I'll keep up with an account, maybe I won't, but it seems like a pretty hands off site and I'm perfectly okay with that.

Now, as for my weekend. Vicbowin has what I'm assuming is an ear infection so we were up a lot.

Ralexwin was off playing Army and came home looking as handsome as ever in his uniform. I love the way he smells when he gets home from the Reserves. Is that weird? The only way I can describe it is a 'man' smell. Maybe because he spend 48 hours only with other men so there isn't any of those soft female floweriness floating around him.

TMI? ;)

Albowin went off to school all by his little lonesome this morning and my mind raced with all the horrible things that could happen to an 8 year old alone on the way to school. I'm so paranoid.

Now I'm off to convince my Vicbowin that if she's really sick she needs to actually act sick.

Have a good day everyone!


Saimi said…
Twitter, Facebook, myspace....Ahhhh it's all too much for me. All I do is blog!

As for a man in uniform, yep they have it going!! Although I also love a man who's hands are rough and strong and his arms can handle lifting heavy things. You know the kind with muscles.

A man has got to look like a man. I saw a guy the other day and I swear he had his arm hair waxed.
They looked as smooth as a baby's bum. yeah, no thanks!
Cannwin said…
The internet sometimes makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. So many ideas, so many things to test and not enough room to handle it all!!!

My husband and I once had to participate in a square dancing activity and I ended up paired off with this guy with the softest hands. I was so glad to get back into my husbands rough ones so I could appreciate them just a little more. :)
Myya said…
Wow I think I am totally behind on the whole internet thing when people start talking about feeds & twitter & all. I'm lame I guess.

I totally know what you mean by the smell. There are just some trigger smells that I love too. Others probably would think I am sumb but ehhh whatever they my triggers. :)

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