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For Your Information

Lots of little, yet important, things to discuss today... so pay attention.

1) I have come up with a great new blog theme for me to do:

This is something I've been mulling around for a bit, and I would love your participation. What are some things you've heard about Mormons that you would like clarified? Do Mormons practice polygamy? Do Mormons believe in Jesus Christ? Do Mormons really have horns that fall off when they leave Utah? I'd love to answer these in a safe, fun atmosphere.

So you can post your questions in any comment, anonymously if you'd like, or you can email them to me by filling out my contact sheet here.

2) Don't forget to vote for your favorite blog on my sidebar (if you read me somewhere besides blogspot, you'll actually have to make an appearance to do this--I'll make it easy... here's my link.)

3) Just under my 'follow me' button I've added a new gadget. It's usefulness shall be determined by you guys. It's a share your link with me thing-a-ma-jig. All you'll need to do is sign in to google friend connect (by clicking follow me) and then you can share whatever family friendly linkages you want!

And finally...

4) I'll be taking a little vacation at the end of this month. My mother is flying in to visit me, which will be the first time in a year I've seen her (the first time in three years that I've seen her for more than a few hours). So I'm going to devote my energy to her enjoyment. Perhaps I'll pop in a bit here and there, but from Dec. 20th until Jan. 4th you guys are going to be relatively on your own.

I know. I'm sorry. Don't stop following me please. I promise I'll be back.

Now, I'm off to 4 wheel myself to Wal-Mart for some much needed milk and butter and bread. Why 4 wheel? Because here in South Dakota it snowed this weekend, and we don't do anything halfheartedly up here.

Hope you all have a great day. See you tomorrow!


Lady Fromage said…
So I'm dying to know, what's the deal with the underwear? I've always wanted to ask someone, but have been informed that it's sort of a rude question. But you asked for it! It's like some big secret, I can't even find any info online?! (Totally not judging, by the way, just curious!) On a side note: I think Mormon brides have the most beautiful dresses. I wish I wish there had been a selection like that in Colorado when I picked mine out.
Cannwin said…
Great question! I'll get right on that. Which, interestingly has a little to do with those beautiful dresses. :)
Jessica Bair said…
Did you guys really get a 4 wheeler? The kids and I want one but Sams says "NO" :(
Cannwin said…
Lol, no, just 4 wheel drive.

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