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The Great U. S. of A.

Some mornings when I look at my blog my mind comes up with absolutely zilch to write about. That's when I search the web for blogging prompts (like the ones you can find at

Some mornings I look through the blogging prompts and my mind comes up with absolutely zilch, but then there's the mornings where I come across great prompts like the one below and then my mind starts spilling forth it's wit:

Plinky Prompt: Describe the country you live in to a foreigner who has never heard of it.

First of all, where does such a person live? Under a rock? Who hasn't heard of the great U S of A?!

We do go by some other names sometimes I suppose--does the Great Satan ring a bell?

Still nothing?

Well, rock-dweller, let me tell you a little bit about the most powerful nation in the world.

First of all we're pretty big (land mass wise, not in stature), about half the size of Russia, but then again if you haven't heard of the US then who are we fooling--you haven't heard of Russia either. So we'll go basics here...we are the third largest country in the world.

We have a population of just over 307 million people. Which makes us the third most populated country in the world (very, very far behind the other two which are in the billions).

Our flag is made up of red and white stripes with a blue rectangle upon which 50 white stars are neatly arranged. You may have seen it....since it currently flies over military installations in 156 countries throughout the world; including Iraq, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Guam and Colombia, but I can't find anything about it being under rocks.

Also, we have been instrumental in the winning of two world wars, and involved in over 300 other military enforcements (roughly). So, as you can imagine we've created lots of enemies along the way, and Canada doesn't particularly like us either.

But enough with our power. Lets talk about some of the other things that make us unique.

... ...
... ...

I'm sorry, I just can't get past the part where you've never heard of us. Where did you say you were from?


Saimi said…
We do live in a Great and Blessed country, I just hope we don't continue to ruin it.

God Bless America!!
Love it! I would love to read what other people from other countries write about theirs...

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