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Domestic Tranquility

I am sitting here at the children's laptop--the one that barely works and is missing 8 keys (including the space bar), the one that requires us to hook up a keyboard to it just to use that you can't move lest the plug falls out-- whilst I type as fast as I can before the Mischievite decides he wants to watch a movie.

Ralexwin has taken my laptop down to the computer doctor to get it fixed. Hopefully by the end of the day I will have it back below my loving fingers.

Our home is in great need of some technological updates. Our TV is missing it's power button. Our portable DVD player skips so bad you might as well not watch a movie (I'm not sure why we haven't chucked the thing yet), we don't even have one of those adaptors for the new TV channels.

But if I can have my computer back I'll cease to complain... well, until we graduate then I'll be sure to drop plenty of hints about upgrades.

None of that is why I braved the kids computer today.


I came here today to talk about...

Sweat pants. ::snicker::

I love sweat pants. It's a new romance, actually, but I have fallen head over heels for them. Last year I bought several pairs of Wal-Mart brand sweats and rather enjoyed them, but this year... this year I have acquired a pair of American Eagle sweats ($40 pants that I bought for $14) and a pair of Victoria Secret "Pink" sweats (free).

AE brand is to Wal-Mart brand what De Beers is to Claire's.

Well, at least to me.

I'm in love. I never want to wear another pair of jeans again in my life! I want to live in the cozy, soft warmth of name brand sweats until the day they nail my coffin closed.

Ralexwin isn't so happy. He has always felt that my clothing options were a bit scruffy so now to see me spending our welled scrounged pennies on sweat pants may be the height of his fashionable shock. He would rather I dressed up everyday than down.

I would rather, well... wear sweat pants.

Do you have some sort of clothing attire that you can't live without?

Do you need to upgrade your domestic technology?

Do you miss me when I skip blogging days?

PS--Sorry no pictures today. The kids laptop doesn't have any on it.


Anonymous said…
I have a pair of Aerie (AE's little sister)capri sweats with a matching hoodie. Love most things from American Eagle except that their jeans are way too tight. My other new fave are my black boots I got at Target--cheap, warm, and comfy.
Cari Hislop said…
I've never felt comfortable in sweatpants though I did once have a royal purple pair I liked because of the colour (long ago). These days (for me) sweat pants bring back memories of high school Gym better left forgotten.

My favorite article of clothing a la moment would have to be my red leather buckle shoes (German made Seibel shoes are worth the money especially if you have flat feet like me!). I love wearing them with my pink tights and my jean skirt. I found an expensive red, bright pink and green striped wool pullover from the charity shop (for like three pounds) and I love it. The entire outfit probably makes me look like I've regressed nearly four decades, but I don't care. It makes me feel like dancing. Sadly, I can't wear it every day. I do own several pairs of jeans, but I hate them. I'd much rather dress like Miss Marple on acid (not that I've ever had acid, but you get the idea). :)
Cannwin said…

It's the first thing I've ever bought at American Eagle so I don't know about their jeans. I'll keep that in mind. :) I do love Target clothes. They are so much cheaper and yet nicely made. Sadly I rarely get to go to a Target. In fact the last time I lived nearer than 30 miles from a Target was about 5 years ago in Phoenix... and it was still about a 15 minute drive.

One of the things I always spend money on when I do get to a Target are those super cute colorful cotton tights for little girls. A must for my girls.


You have the strangest clothing styles. ::wink:: But that has never, ever been what I noticed about your outfits. What I always notice is how I would never have the gumption to wear some of the things I would love to try out and you do it all the time. I bow to your fashion spunk and wish some of it would rub off on me.
Stacey said…
On weekends when my husband isn't around, I usually wear sweats. They're just so comfy. And seriously, who is there to impress?
Cannwin said…

Definitely! When Ralexwin goes away on weekends I find myself hard pressed to do anything but pull on sweats and put my hair in a pony.

Oh, wait... I think that's what I want to do every day. :)

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