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What Do You Think?

Do you ever wonder what you would look like from someone else's perspective? I do.

Me--in the red shirt.
In fact the other day I was with my friend and we were talking about just that thing. I was telling her about how I recently saw a picture with me in the background and, without realizing it was myself, wondered aloud 'Whose that in the red shirt?'

It was one of the only times I've seen myself as someone else might have.

So I think it's fun and interesting to find out how others describe me.

Fast forward to this morning and me perusing through my blog roll. I have a dear friend that lives in England and writes Regency Romance novels. Today on her blog she began with a description of my sister and I. I was pleasantly amused by what she had to say.

"One of the blogs I follow is Literary Soundtrack. It’s written by two sisters who are voracious readers (as well as talented writers). If readers were dinosaurs I’d be a brontosaurus, the big herbivore that probably needed half a dozen stomachs to digest the odd mouthful of wood pulp. They’d be a pair of raptors. Even the T-Rex would know not to enter a reading competition with these two. He wouldn’t have a chance!"
Hehe. I love that description! Ralexwin, of course, might be more inclined to refer to my reading habits as an addiction but we're going to just pretend he's wrong.

So what are some of the ways you would describe how you see yourself? How do you think other people see you? How do you see me?


Cari Hislop said…
You are a reading raptor! As a fellow story addict, I can't see a problem with being addicted to books. It certainly beats a number of other addictions that wouldn't be as healthy or stimulating.

I often wonder what other people think of me as well. From my perspective I pass through most people's lives without causing more than a roll of the eyes (as they wonder if the colours of my outfit signify a damaged mind), but over the years I've had some experiences where people go...I remember're the girl who...(whatever)! I think I'm generally remembered as a weirdo, though depending on the group of people you'd get varied responses. One friend of mine, this cute old lady from church, she told me once she thought I was a ray of sunshine. I think she's lovely for thinking it! (Obviously she's never had to share a house with me or she'd change that to..."Cari is a ray of sunshine except when she's a thunder cloud or a snow storm or a sand storm...or a pain in the neck."

When I think of you (or look at you) in my mind there's this layered collage of the different ages I've known you. So the youngest was when we met in Portland (which you may not even remember) you were about eight I think. And then as a teenager...and then as a grown woman. So to me you're a collection of snapshots (happy moments filled with laughter), semi-transparent images all glued together to make a solid beautiful you. That's how I think of you.
Cannwin said…
Oh Cari. What a nice image of me. :)

I do remember meeting your for the first time. You gave me a sweater that you had accidentally dryer'd and it had shrunk to my size.

When I think of you I see a bright smile on an extremely friendly person. I see a sister in spirit who even after years of non contact can make a person feel as if it has only been a few hours. I truly wish you lived closer than the other side of the world. :)

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