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What Women Do

Mischievite and skinny me.
My friend and I were sitting around the other night discussing not having our husbands around. Which I suppose is an odd conversation typically but Ralexwin was gone for the weekend to play Army and I was musing over him dying on the road home.

I do that a lot.... contemplate what I would do if my husband died.

So we were talking about just that--the loss of our spouses.

Then the conversation turned a little and we began to discuss the crazy things women do to themselves. We came up with three.

1) Contemplate their husbands deaths and what they would do to carry on.
2) Contemplate their children's deaths and what they would do to carry on.
3) Contemplate being attacked in their own home by a complete stranger and what they would do to get away. i.e. the 'escape plan.'

Then we started wondering if it was odd behavior on our part or if most women did those things. So, today I thought we'd discuss this.

Do you have a carry on plan? Do you have an escape plan?

My 'carry on if my husband dies' plan hinges entirely on his life insurance policy. Without that windfall of money I would be lost. I would have nothing. With it I would be able to buy a home, afford an education for myself and invest enough to be able take care of our children for many years.

My 'escape plan' is... well in South Dakota I've never really thought about it (I must feel exceptionally safe here) but when we lived in Phoenix I had it all planned out. I would run into the children's room, barricade the door, open the windows of the bedroom and scream bloody murder. If that didn't work then I would have a lot of really heartless neighbors.

Am I odd? Is it normal for a woman to worry about these things? What do you think?


Lisa said…
Check. Check. And check.
I do all 3. Regularly.

I do have plans for all as well. I'm going back to school even in case of the death thing so I can support my kids.
Cannwin said…
My problem is that the things I'd like to study aren't things that would necessarily support a family. Writing and Religion are on the top of my 'like to learn' list right now... and I don't foresee either breaking the bank.
Jennifer said…
If I say yes to all three, does that count, or does that just mean we're family and therefore both crazy in the same way?

I read a newspaper article, several years ago, which talked about military spouses doing "pre-grieving" - going through the whole "what if my soldier gets killed?" scenario with every deployment, to the point of actually grieving as if it has happened - crying, etc. Some psychologist they quoted said it was a coping mechanism that would make things easier, if the worst really did happen. Hmmm. Could anything really make it easier? I'm doubtful.

*sigh* I'm supposed to be working on my blog post. Avoidance - it's a wonderful talent.

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