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What's New For 2011

Twenty-Eleven... who knew!? Eleven years ago half the world was convinced they were going to be thrown back to the dark ages Y2K style. Ten years ago we thought we were going to be thrown back to the dark ages Bin Laden style. Then it was the Axis of Evil and nuclear war followed by the economy and another Depression.

I'm seeing a pattern here and I have to wonder, do we want to be thrown back to the Dark Ages? We seem to find some sort of masochistic thrill in imagining the end of all things. To many movies I think.

But! Here we are. Eleven years further down the road and all those boxes of supplies we have stored up will need to be rotated and rechecked for spoilage. I wonder what will be this years end of all things drama.

As for myself 2011 brings some big changes in our lives, and some unwanted replays of old experiences. So... let me just lay it out for you:

Ralexwin's last semester of law school begins with a full compliment of classes including days where he does not get home until 8PM.

I will begin the purging and packing process for our soon to be finished tour of duty in South Dakota.

The Mischievite will be turning 4 years old.

The house will go on the market--(anyone interested?)

Blessedly busy free.

Ralexwin graduates.
School ends for the Irish Twins.
We pack our U-Haul and move to Utah.

Our jobless/homeless status will begin.
Ralexwin begins classes to prepare himself for the Bar Exam.
I will stay with family far away from the one I love.

Bar Exam
Remewin turns 2.

Once Ralexwin is finished with his educational responsibilities the military will be snatching him up. On August 1st Ralexwin is to report to Ft. Bliss where he will help train soldiers heading overseas.
We will have a job.
I will still be with family far away from the one I love.

I turn 31.
Our marriage turns 11.
Ralexwin is still in Texas.
The kids start school in an undetermined location for an undetermined amount of time.

Vicbowin turns... 10. ::sobs::
Albowin turns 9.

Hopefully I will have managed to find a place to rent by now.

Yet another holiday season begins without Ralexwin. (Such is our lot)

No Ralexwin, no clue what's going on beyond living.
Ralexwin won't be back until March of 2012.

What's up for your year? Anything spectacular?


Lisa said…
Oh dear. Your whole year all planned out without a hubby. You are made of steel my friend. You do what you have to do.
Polly Blevins said…
Why not stay in your house until it sells? You love it there and have no designated moving spot so why not capitalize on what you already own? Maybe it will sell super quickly and that will take care of this question. I hope it does.
Claire Wessel said…
Ok, I didn't know Ralexwin had military commitments after May! It leaves me to wonder why you don't just stay in your current house until it sells instead of living with other folks. You'll be paying the mortgage either way! Maybe you like staying with family while he is gone. I could totally understand that factor, but I don't much like my in-laws for more than a week or two at a time, and about the same for my mom as well, so I guess it's not something I would do if I still had another option :) I dunno. I guess what I'm sayin' is -- if you can't have Ralexwin, why not keep me (and the rest of the branch) for awhile longer?
Cannwin said…
Polly & Claire,

I would love to stay here for as long as possible, but Ralexwin does not feel right leaving his wife and children to fend for themselves (and move by themselves) for an indeterminate amount of time. I am obliged to go to Utah to quell his anxious desires to care for us. :)
jchrstns said… certainly have some fun days ahead of you. You are always welcome to stay here in Bancroft with us for any period of time. We have a large house and no one but us two old people. By the way......just what is everyone's names in your family?

Love you
Aunt Jean

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