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Concerning Contagious Headaches, Vomit and Real Estate

In contemplation of my week.
It's amazing that so many crazy things can happen to a single family in one week, or even one day. In fact, sometimes I go to bed wondering how we've survived.

This week has been like that.

Last Friday I took my little Remewin into the doctor because she had the nastiest, most horrible cough I had ever heard come from her. It was the sort that sends chills up a mothers spine and makes her want to scream at someone. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Remewin's doctor wasn't in, so we saw a different one, whom I've decided I will never take my child to see again.

New worst doctor line--"It looks like it's viral, but I'll write you a prescription for some antibiotics."

Last time I checked Amoxicillin did not make nasty coughs go away.


So Friday through Tuesday was filled with long nights, sore throats, coughs and, surprisingly enough, what can only be described as a contagious headache.

Then Wednesday hit.

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday.

The Mischievite was complaining of a sore throat, then he started having some runs to the bathroom and then the vomiting began. It was one of those, can't get to a bowl fast enough moments, where you learn just exactly what liquid sounds like when it hits hardwood.

We had just gotten him cleaned up and snuggled into a bed (ours, it's always ours) with a bucket nearby when the real estate agent knocked on the door. No phone calls. No warnings. Nothing but a strange group of people walking into my home.

The house was a war zone. There were dishes all over the counters, food mashed into carpets, my bra was on my bedroom floor, the kids underwear was strewn throughout the bathroom, piles of laundry blocked the entrance into the washroom, and the entire place smelled slightly of stomach acid.

Oh, yes... lovely. "Come on in! Buy our house! Don't touch that I'm not sure what it is."

All I could do was say a silent prayer that these people would either see past the disaster and love our home or suffer from a inexplicable case of acute amnesia.

I think they probably did neither.


Today is Thursday. The Mischievite hasn't thrown up in 4 hours and is fast asleep in his bed. I have a load of laundry going and every intention on vacuuming.

Why can't their be an Etsy style site for homes?


Gr8Life said…
I'm not selling my house but I totally know how you feel. Nobody ever drops in when the house is clean. I swear people only drop by when it the dirtiest it could possibly be. Sometimes I wonder if there is some sort of conspiracy afoot to make me feel bad about my housekeeping skills.
I hope your Mischievite is on the mend.
Ivy said…
What an awful week. This is not the first time your realtor has shown up unannounced. That's not nice. Why don't they tell you when they're coming?
Cannwin said…
@Ivy Well, they aren't required to, it's just considered proper etiquette I suppose.
Ivy said…
Our realtors gave us the option. They kept track of who wanted to be given a full day notice and who would be fine with an hour notice. We told them we would be fine with an hour notice but they always gave us much more than that. It was very nice.

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