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So You Think You're Crafty: Audition Results

NOTE: There is now a full tutorial for how to make these. Just go here.

I've been waiting to post this blog today for Missy at So You Think You're Crafty to post hers.

I gotta tell you guys.... YOU WERE ALL WRONG! I couldn't believe my eyes when that book lamp starting getting all these votes and you guys kept telling me how you were just soooo sure it was mine.

Even my own sister's!

I know, I know, it was all done out of love.

So now that you realize the book lamp wasn't mine, I suppose I'll have to tell you which one was.

These little shiny's are all mine. Each of my kids has a set... with my actual phone number on it.

Not 867-5309.

Did anyone catch that little wittiness of mine?

Hahaha, I'm so funny.

I really wasn't expecting my craft to do so well. I mean I spent a lot of time considering changing which craft I submitted and then, there I was at the top of the rankings. I couldn't believe it! All I wanted out of this was to not fail miserably... I am truly amazed that anyone thought my craft was so great.

Even if it wasn't anyone from around here. ::wink::

So, how long do you think I'll last? I'm so scared.

I have so much on my plate right now that I can't believe I'm even attempting this. What with Ralexwin's graduation and the move across the country and the house going up for sale... I just think I might have been a little insane to try for this at the same time.


ha ha ha, I totally missed that phone number... so funny!

I'm scared too. Too much good stuff over there...
Cannwin said…
My family kept saying they was sure that wasn't mine because the phone number wasn't mine... I wanted to scream!

Congratulations on such an awesome craft, by the way.

It's scary to think that someone in this group will be ranked with Dana-Made-It and Lil' Blue Boo. No pressure.
Cannwin said…
ugh... bad english... they WERE sure.
Jill said…
Haha! I love that everyone thought the book lamp was yours because all my friends thought it was mine too! They would tell me, "I voted for you!" and then tell me what they actually voted for. Oh well, still in it!
Well done!
I so voted for the wrong thing. I looked through your blog to get a feel of what your like and I guess wrong so wrong but hey you made it and I hope you make it far. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate but you got this far right?
Cannwin said…
It almost makes me want to not mention it to my family again. Just in case. ;)

Missy from SYTYC told me that the auditions were strictly anonymous and to think outside the box. So I did! Evidently I though so far outside of my normal box that no one recognized it. :)
Valerie said…
Those are so cute and fun. I've never seen anything like it!
Sarah said…
I want to do this!! Please tell me you have a tutorial coming, or can point me in the direction to find one. I LOVE these.
Cannwin said…

Oh, my goodness! You're right, I haven't done a tutorial about this at all. ::head desk:: It was my highest voted craft too.

I'll have to do that, maybe this weekend and I'll post it up next week. :)

How does that sound?!

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