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Dear Remewin

To my dear, darling Remewin:

It's a rainy drizzly day here in South Dakota and not much is stirring in the outside world. People are hunkering down and waiting for the sun to peak back out. I am trying to soak it all in. I'm going to miss having 4 distinct seasons when we move. It's not something you get on the Western edge of the Rockies where I grew up.

Where you will most likely grow up as well.

I'm sad that you won't remember this spectacular place. So I wanted to show you a few of the things that have a special meaning in your life.

Like the doctor who helped bring you into this world.
No one ever really calls her 'Doctor,' she's just MaryJo. She was very nice and very happy to see you come into the world. She also seems to have a strong fondness for bright yellow.

This is the home we brought you too. When I was in the hospital with you I could just barely see it out my window across the park. Once, after the kids had come to visit, we stood at the window and watched as the truck pulled into our driveway and the kids all piled out.

Someday's the emergency helicopter's will fly right over our house before they land by the hospital. Sometimes the kids and I would hurry over so that we could watch it take back off again. It was always fun to see the helicopters... unless you had a dr.'s appointment and then it was better to just call and reschedule since MaryJo usually had to go help out at the ER.

This is the best picture I could find of your dad's school.

He went to school here everyday for 3 years. It was very cold in the basement and sometimes he had to wear extra layers of clothes to keep warm down there. But that was just the first year... after that he got to move up to the main floor and it wasn't so cold there. 

I sometimes would take you and your brother (The Mischievite) over to the school, but it was always so quiet that dad didn't like it when I came tromping in with you munchkins so I stopped. Now I only go when I absolutely have to.

I want to tell you more about your life here in South Dakota, but we have to go to the doctor now so I will write more later.

Love Always,

Your Mom


Deila said…
You know, this is a nice idea. It is so much better with blogs than when I had my first baby, 1981. My hubby wrote a letter to her about her birth. It is saved in some box. I would like to get it all on digital now. Good job.

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