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Going West: A Bloggers Call For Help

The day of the move has been determined. The boxes are being packed and I officially have a little over 4 weeks to get everything in order before we head West.

So, what does a blogger do when they know they will be offline for a while? (Offline? Really? Am I in the Matrix or something?) 

I've been thinking about this for some time now (like a whole ten minutes) and I think I've come up with a solution.

You see the most feared prospect for a habitual blogger is that on that day when you finally hit the jack pot. The day when for no discernible reason you are thrust into blogging fame... that day just happens to be the day you post something lousy--or worse you don't post at all.

What happens when your window of opportunity opens and shuts and all the while you are in the lou?

My conundrum is such.

All right, I also don't want to dissapoint my faithful followers who are much more important than some vague and fickle crowd of unknowns.

Anyhow. I have a plan.

Two actually.

And depending on how the reception of either plan is, I may or may not use both.


Plan #1:

I would like to put on the main page of this blog a list of follower favorites. Posts, chosen by you, that any person floating on through will be able to go to and enjoy while they wait for me to come back online.

I imagine it as something like this:

Cannwin is currently moving across the country and will be offline for an undetermined amount of time (not lasting, hopefully, more than one month).

While you wait for more of her greatest ramblings her dear followers have compiled a list of posts they think you will enjoy.

List would go here.

Now here's the catch to Plan #1--for obvious reasons, I will need your help making this list... unless of course you want me to do the narcissists version of the list, which is hardly as fun.

That's #1. Submissions for favorite posts can be made by commenting on this post. Easy Peasy!

Plan #2

I was thinking this would be a great chance for you guys to submit some blog posts to me. The rules would be that if I get enough posts to last me for a bit, I would take the time to schedule them all out in advance of the move. Then you could all watch and see how the other lovers of Cannwin think, feel and live.


I think so.

Except this one takes a lot more effort on your parts than Plan #1 (which would really only require you to make a comment listing your favorite posts).

As would be expected, however, I would link to any bloggers, and allow them to post a small bio of themselves at the bottom of the post (a la guest poster style). You could think of it as free air-time with my whopping followers!

Any of those types of submissions would need to be sent to my email. If you are interested, go here, and I will give you a list of topics to choose from.


So.... what do you think!? Can we save my blog from any missed opportunities? Can we prove to the web-surfers that I'm worth the time?

This is your chance to show the world how much you love me and together we can make a difference!

Oh, wait. I mean.... submit your favorite posts below. Even a description of the post will do (since I wrote them and all).


Polly Blevins said…
Did you get an offer from the repeat lookers? I hope so.
Jennifer said…
I'd be more than happy to do a guest post or two if you'd like.
heather said…
Ah! I was going to ask you to guest post for me in July, because I intend on taking a full long month break from the computer & possibly even my phone.

I was going to ask you to write about being a military wife, or your first deployment of something along those lines to post at the beginning of the "Hubby's Home & we're taking a vacation" month.

So, in short. I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine?
Cannwin said…
Heather! You are a gem. We could totally do this.

I'll email you. :)

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