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So You Think You're Crafty: Lament

30 votes just wasn't enough
I suppose I'm required at this point to feel some sort of sorrow and regret for the way things turned out at SYTYC. Tradition states that when someone is rejected, in any manner, they should go back through what they have done and list all the ways they could have changed things to attain that which was denied. Well, I'm not feeling it.

Is it cheesy to say that I had so much fun and I'm okay with not winning? I know you probably don't believe me, but it's true.

I signed up for So You Think You're Crafty on a whim. I said to myself, "I bet I can hold on for a while in a competition like that. I bet I'm that good."

This process has been a way for me to prove to MYSELF that I was good at what I did.

And I totally feel that.

My biggest fear had been to lose in the auditions or in the first two weeks. I told myself if I could get past those periods I'd be okay. Then as the competition went on and I saw people get slaughtered I thought "Please don't let me go down with just 14 votes."

So, guess what!? I didn't! I ended with grace. I lost to a landslide vote and I'm absolutely cool with that.

Ralexwin last week, went it became apparent I was losing, asked me if I really wanted to win. You see he's got access to all these computers at the university and he was proposing that he log in to each one seperately and vote for me.

Isn't it sweet that my husband's willing to cheat for me. ♥♥♥

I smiled lovingly and said, "no thanks. I'm okay with it, besides if I win now then I just have to stress more about it when I'm supposed to be focusing on packing a house and moving 1,500 miles."

I'm so completely calm about this loss that it fills me with a sense of pride at my own grace.

That being said, I do wish I could have seen how my next project would have voted.

You want to see it?

Umm. so those are the Mischievites toes next to his older sister. He doesn't know the sign is there.

It's a pup tent.... made out of an old blanket and a baby gate.

I seriously have hated that blanket for years (I have two of them, one in blue and this one) it's slides all over the bed and NEVER EVER stays put. So I made a tent with it and the kids love it. I'm extremely happy with this one because I've wanted a little tent for them for a long time, but lacked the desire to build one from scratch.

So... for the baby gate part I just took the lock off (that long piece that folds down and locks it all) and then bought some cheap hinges at Wal-Mart. Then I just worked the blanket over it.

I did, however, sew the blanket so that when it's on the frame it acts as it's own supporting system. If you look closely you'll see that the blanket is sewn together at the base (#3). It's also quite a small tent... but kids don't care so neither do I.

Now, for all of you who sorrow for my SYTYC fate, don't. I am content. I set out to accomplish exactly this. I never had any notions of winning (probably because logistically it just never would have worked) and so I'm okay with ending here. The timing is actually perfect for me.


Meaghan said…
I almost did the same thing and almost logged onto the computers to help boost your vote (I had been keeping tabs on it all week). However, I'm glad I didn't since you are pleased with how you ended up :)

Quite honestly though, I thought the map was cute but not exactly creative! I really really thought that skirt was cute though :) I really like the dot bar that you have separating your posts!!
Congratulations on staying in it as long as you did. I think you did great!
Jill said…
Well competed! I know exactly what you're talking about with not wanting to get out during the auditions. It's kind of crazy going into each round--you never know what everyone else is going to do and then what the voters are going to like best. I'm glad you feel good about how you did. And I think the pup tent is an ADORABLE idea! I would have never thought to do that with a baby gate!
Cannwin said…

I spent an entire day wandering around my house, digging through closets, flipping tables over, and staring at spoons. I'm sure my kids thought I was nuts.

Then again, maybe not... today I was painting a table top in a pin wheel fashion and saying it was a clock.


Have I ever mentioned to you that my husband is/was/graduated as a civil engineer. That makes us like kindred spirits. ;)
kate said…
You did awesome Charity! I really liked your paci clip idea. I seriously need one. This tent is great, too, brilliant use for a baby gate.
Cannwin said…

Thanks Kate! The pacifier clip was created out of sheer frustration on my part. Midnight pacifier searches were what motivated me.
for real...i could use a spot to hang pacifiers. you know, besides my normal storage area: behind the crib on the floor.
i can COMPLETELY relate to everything you've posted! and what you said about wandering through the house flipping tables over & staring at spoons--yup. exactly what i did.
sorry to see you go :o(
Liz said…
I made one of those but with velcro so it had an easy release when I was working as a nanny for a paci addicted child! I knewI couldn't have been the only one who needed a paci saver!!
Cannwin said…
my house. I've never actually had an addict in my house until my youngest was born. She seriously started sucking on a pacifier about 12 hours after birth and never spit it out until around 9 months.

I have been lucky that she lost interest in it by herself, but for those 9 months it was all I could do to keep track of those things.

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