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SYTYC: Week Three Knock-Off

Okay, so I did pretty well last week with my altered shoe, but my roommate 'M' thinks I got shafted and should have taken it.

She's nice.

Then, after I took all the pictures and sent my submission in, I finished decorating the other shoe and wished I'd submitted that one as well (sorry no pictures of that one). I gave it to a friend as a gift, though, and she seems pretty darn happy.

As for this pink lady... she's already packed for the move.

That's how it's working around here. Not only am I challenged by the themes, I have an added personal challenge of coming up with things that I'll actually want to pack and move across the country.

Ha. I'm insane.

So this week on So You Think You're Crafty the theme is 'Knock Off', and I'm really not confident in my craft. NOT because I don't think it's a good job, but I had a bunch of crafting failures on this one and that takes a toll on a persons confidence.

Anyhow... go vote and on Monday, next, I'll tell you if you were right or not. :)

I have yet to win one full out, so how long do you think that means I'll last?


Amy said…
Ha! I totally picked that one as yours! Woo-Hoo! Are you going to tell us which was yours the first week?
Cannwin said…

It was the sick in bed set.... it didn't do very well. ::sniffle:: :)
Tori said…
Cute shoe! You are really talented! :) Good luck for the weeks to come!
I am so impressed that you keep coming up with fresh ideas and under pressure no less. You are meant for this contest! I think you're in it to win it!
Cannwin said…
Ha! Evelyn, my sister says to me "You're really doing well, sitting nicely in the middle. Very solid...except it'll probably be a problem near the end."

Totally agree. I'm up for some lean weeks, I'm sort of just waiting for the axe to drop, but at the same time I'm not sad that it'll happen... if I end up in the last three weeks or so I'll be in real trouble since they're scheduled right smack in the center of my move. :P

Thanks for the confidence though! It's flattering to be ranked with the likes of Dana Made It and Lil' Blue Boo

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