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That's The Way Things Go

If you could rearrange 3 things in your life, what would they be?

That's a really tough question. I've always felt like the things that have occurred in my life have all guided me to the point that I am at now.

When I was in High School I had a lot of problems, emotionally and socially, and ended up moving to live with my brother in Utah for my senior year. The thing about that is that if I hadn't gone to Utah, I never would have heard of Dixie College, and if I hadn't chosen Dixie I never would have never met Ralexwin.

So how do you rearrange your life when you are convinced it's all led to the point you are at? Unless of course you aren't happy with how things are currently, but I'm pretty satisfied.

That's almost like the question that asks, "What would you erase from your memory?" and I really wouldn't erase many things. Even the toughest things I've had to deal with have taught me and changed me and made me into who I am.

So I wouldn't shift my lifes timeline.

Even the 18 months when Ralexwin was gone with the Army and I had two little babies, I wouldn't shift that time. My dearest friend in the entire world came into my life during that time. We'd known each other before then, but it was her support during those lonely days that devoted me to her.

Sometimes she'd just show up with cheesecake (I love cheesecake), or insist I go to the mall with her just to get me out of the house. She made sure that I wasn't forgotten on my birthday, that I wasn't forgotten at all and I would never have had that if Ralexwin hadn't been gone.

I couldn't change any time in my life without altering important, life changing memories.

Even the timing of my children's births were exactly as they should have been. I mean, I'm sure at the time I wasn't happy about driving myself to the university while in labor (I had to pick up Ralexwin), but now it's great fun to remember how the light turned red at the exact moment my contraction hit and how I prayed a quick 'Thanks!' to God for thinking of me.

I wouldn't change my Irish Twins being so close in age because then I would miss out on watching them walk home from school last week holding hands.

I suppose it would have been nice if I could have been in my condo when that pipe broke... instead of in Alaska, but I would rearrange when the pipe broke, not where I was.

I guess maybe I would have made Ralexwin's plane land on time when he came home from Iraq for his 2 weeks of leave. Instead of having to wait another three hours.

I might have appreciated it if those deer had decided to jump out of the bushes 30 seconds later than they did. That way my brother and I wouldn't have hit them... but then again if they hadn't I wouldn't be so careful now about driving down country lanes at night.

Ooh, and I guess I would have realized that Albowin was standing in front of that swing before it was too late and his sister slammed into him going both directions. That would have saved him some blood. Then again, it sure is funny to think back on.

There! That's four things. :)


Deila said…
Very good points, when you think about it, all these things we do have become who we are and who we are with. Mine are good. Like the move, Mr. Destiny.

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