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Where's My Wallet?

April Fools Day is quite possibly my least favorite ridiculous holiday. I come from a long line of soft-skinned people, you see, and we rarely find pranks to be humorous.

This is an obvious problem with kids--especially my kids. Vicbowin, who is coming into her own deviousness, had it in her mind to play all sorts of pranks on us. Well, she was really playing them on Ralexwin.

She changed his cell phone's alarm to the middle of the night. She hid his wallet. She giggled in corners and concocted any number of nearly-malicious-all-in-good-fun sort of activities.

I watched gratefully from the sidelines and by the end of the day had completely forgotten that it was even April 1st.

Then I decided I needed to do a grocery run.

Having had sick kids to manage for several days, I admit that I wasn't looking my best on that sunny April afternoon. I had sweats on (albeit brand name) and a tee-shirt (albeit stylish). My hair was pulled into a pony tail that had been slowly slipping out all day creating a natural messy look (does that mean my hair wasn't done?), but I was just running to the store so it shouldn't have been a big deal, right?


I grabbed my purse off its hook and noticed it's startling lack of weight. I peaked inside. I realized that Ralexwin's wallet wasn't the only one she absconded with. I sighed in frustration and went outside to ask Ralexwin where she'd hidden his wallet.

"In her back-pack," was not the answer I was hoping for. The little devil had taken my identity to school with her.

Dang it I hate going to the school in my sweats, and it seems like the only time I ever do.

But I couldn't be mad at her. She was so innocent about it and her face was lit with such concern when I walked into her classroom that all I could think was how grateful I was that I'd checked for my wallet before I went to the store.

Anyway, she got what was coming.

Our old roommate, Elizabeth, came over and rubber banded the kitchen sprayer so that it would turn on as soon as the faucet was used.

Vicbowin didn't think that was as funny as we all did.



Meaghan said…
Hahaha!! That's funny! I've always wanted to do the sink and the faucet sprayer thing with the rubber band but I've been too chicken to do it :) My April Fools Prank wasn't so innocent. I had my mother in town and I sent several pictures of her engagement ring on my left hand to a few of my friends, announcing that my boyfriend and I were "engaged" :) I had quite a few of them going for a while, including his brother and sister. They weren't so pleased when they realized what the date was :)
Gr8Life said…
My kids went crazy with April 1st as well. They put Dora the Explorer sticker all over my SUV and they didn't come off. (I will admit I am really annoyed about that)Put pudding in their Dad's shoes. Dirty diapers all over our bedroom including in the pillows.(gross!!!) At school my daughter put a work sheet on another kids desk with a note that said "please complete worksheet and turn in by 1:00" and signed her teachers name to the note. It worked the boy actually started to do it until her friends told him it was a joke. And there were other jokes as well I just can't recall them all. It was a LONG Day!

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